3 Ways To Eliminate Food Waste at Home

3 Ways To Eliminate Food Waste at Home

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When it involves taking steps in direction of a zero-waste life-style, one straightforward step you possibly can take at house is decreasing the quantity of meals wasted. While it might look like a small step, it may possibly have a big effect.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, between 30% to 40% of all meals within the United States is wasted yearly, meals that might in any other case assist feed the hungry and scale back meals insecurity. Not solely that, however rotting meals is the largest producer of greenhouse gasses in landfills, particularly methane.

As daunting a proposition as decreasing this quantity of waste could appear, the steps you possibly can take at dwelling to sort out this challenge are pretty easy. Here are three of the largest (and best) methods to eradicate meals waste at dwelling.

1. Purchase Planning (Precycling)

Before you sort out the problem of leftover meals within the kitchen and pantry, a very good preemptive method is to plan out your shopping upfront. After all, you possibly can’t waste meals if you happen to haven’t purchased a surplus.

The observe of precycling helps you eradicate waste earlier than it’s created. You can do that by planning out your buying forward of time and shopping for solely what you want.

Precycling doesn’t simply apply to purchasing sustainable packaging, it applies to the contents as effectively. Will you end this loaf of bread earlier than it begins to run out? Do you want two gallons of milk within the fridge, or is one all you’ll use earlier than it spoils? Do you have already got leftovers at dwelling which you could eat? Is this an impulse purchase or one thing you deliberate on getting forward of time?

Thinking by means of how rapidly you’ll use a product and the way lengthy it stays contemporary are key when planning to eradicate meals waste. Plus, precycling has the added bonus of tending to avoid wasting you cash.

 2. Waste Not, Want Not

On the topic of leftovers, there are a selection of how to method them in decreasing meals waste. If you could have ready meals within the fridge, it’s finest to complete consuming it earlier than making much more meals. The lesson of “consuming every part in your plate” nonetheless holds true, but it surely doesn’t essentially must be multi functional sitting.

Leftovers don’t must be boring. You can use new seasonings on reheated leftovers or try a recipe that incorporates leftovers into new meals. For instance, use leftover steak in a stew, inventory, or crock-pot recipe, or flip barely stale (however not moldy!) bread into French toast.

3. Start a Scrap Garden

In some instances, leftover meals can provide you a chance to flex your inexperienced thumb. You can regrow a shocking variety of widespread grocery vegatables and fruits at dwelling. A couple of examples embody avocados, potatoes, lettuce, garlic, onions, tomatoes, peaches, cherries, apples, and lemons.

With a little bit little bit of care and time, your leftover scraps can develop into completely new sources of meals!

How Else Can You Stop Food Waste?

Make certain you store your produce properly to reduce the quantity you discard. Before you discard meals which may be barely previous its prime, contemplate freezing it, pickling it, utilizing it in smoothies, or making soup. And be sure you compost your fruit and veggie scraps, turning them right into a wholesome modification to your backyard soil.

If you’re in search of extra recommendation, the USDA has a number of extra suggestions on their site, in addition to info on the initiatives being taken to cease meals waste on the supply.

This article was up to date in August 2022.