7 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

7 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

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If you are taking a second to go searching your own home, workplace or different locations you frequent, you’ll possible discover plastic is way extra outstanding than it was. Even although many individuals have gotten conscious of the impression their plastic footprint might have on the setting, we’re removed from residing plastic-free lives.

The reality is, annual plastic production has increased almost 200-fold since mass plastic manufacturing started within the early Nineteen Fifties. This has resulted in round 400 million tonnes of plastic waste per yr. What’s even worse is near 60% of plastic waste leads to landfills, oceans and the setting round us.

Needless to say, decreasing our dependency on plastic is crucial. If customers refuse to purchase plastic merchandise, and vie for extra biofriendly alternate options, producers could have no selection however to make a change.

reduce your plastic footprint

reduce your plastic footprint

Fortunately, we’ve acquired a couple of easy methods to scale back your plastic footprint:

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1. Get a reusable water bottle

Since you’re most likely well-aware of the impact plastic bottles have on marine life, getting a reusable water bottle is a no brainer. Why spend cash on plastic water bottles, that are solely going to be thrown away (or recycled, when you’re fortunate)? The good move when you’re trying to scale back your plastic consumption is to go for reusable bottles.

With a reusable water bottle, you possibly can refill at residence, add extra water at a refillable water station, or faucet, and hold going from there on out. Regular cleansing will assist you to use the bottle for years to come back. A reusable water bottle can also save you an estimated $1350 per year and forestall greater than 150 water bottles from making their method into the setting.

2. Choose a Plastic-free cellphone case

Instead of shopping for a plastic cowl to guard your cellphone, think about getting a plastic-free cellphone case. Pela Case is one firm providing a plastic-free, sustainable various. In addition to being plastic-free, their cellphone circumstances are 100% compostable. This means you received’t have to fret about your case ending up in a landfill or within the ocean, you possibly can toss it in your own compost bin.

Right now, Pela Case is providing a purchase two, get two free. If you don’t wish to reap the benefits of that supply, you possibly can at all times enter your e mail tackle to get 15% off. Here are some Pela Case best sellers.

3. Get a Plastic-Free Grocery bag

If you haven’t already bought one (or extra), we advocate getting a plastic-free grocery bag on your journeys to the grocery retailer or farmers’ market. This method, you received’t be contributing to the plastic air pollution drawback each time you purchase groceries. You can simply say, “Nope, I introduced my very own.”, if you’re requested when you want luggage.

It’s a easy, however eco-friendly, possibility anybody can select.

4. Eat at residence extra OFTEN

Believe it or not, consuming at residence extra typically can truly scale back your plastic footprint. You received’t want “to-go” containers and plastic-ware out of your favourite, native eating places. You can use your individual dishes, silverware, cups and reusable containers. Leftovers can go in stainless-steel, glass or silicone containers and be put in your fridge to eat later.

You received’t want plastic straws both. If you do determine you want a straw, you possibly can at all times purchase stainless-steel or glass straws you need to use and clear at residence.

5. Stay away from plastic Food packaging

Since we’re on the subject of groceries and consuming at residence, I feel it’s vital to say staying away from plastic packaging. These days, it’s not unusual to see vegetables and fruit wrapped in plastic. Many shops supply pre-cut produce to make your meal prep extra “handy”, nevertheless utilizing plastic to retailer these meals shouldn’t be eco-friendly. Prepared meals are normally no higher. Most are available a plastic container with a plastic sheet of movie on high.

We counsel you go for the packaging nature gives and do your individual prep at residence. Meal prep doesn’t must take plenty of time and also you’ll have brisker meals, particularly if you keep away from the plastic packaging and ready meals.

6. Ditch Single-Use Products

Single-use plastic has change into so outstanding in our society, you nearly can’t go wherever with out discovering it. Single-use plastic cups, razors, straws, bottles, plates and extra. Since it takes between 50-200 years for plastic waste to decompose, one-use plastic merchandise have a long-lasting impression on the setting. The good factor is, there are at all times plastic-free alternate options. You simply must look.

The similar goes for different single-use merchandise. These varieties of merchandise produce way more waste than different reusable and sustainable merchandise. which can be utilized time and again.

7. Opt for LOw- and zero-waste

The best, and most elementary, technique to scale back your plastic footprint is to go for low- and zero-waste products. The majority of those merchandise comprise no plastic and received’t contribute to the world’s air pollution drawback.

Some examples of such merchandise are shampoo bars, DISH BLOCK® soaps, agave scrub brushes, deodorant bars, bamboo toothbrushes and washing sponge cloths. If you’ll find ones with sustainable, compostable, reusable or biodegradable packaging, you’re doing even higher.


The key to decreasing your plastic footprint is consciousness. If you might be conscious of the plastic merchandise you utilize, you possibly can seek for, and discover, plastic-free alternate options. The much less waste you generate, the higher it’s for the planet.