9 Best Eco-Friendly Dog Products On Amazon

9 Best Eco-Friendly Dog Products On Amazon

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Are you and your dog living a “green” life? Now more than ever, people are realizing the importance of taking care of the environment. We all have a responsibility to do our part in making sure that the planet is healthy for future generations. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be difficult for you and your pooch.

Most online dog boutiques now offer organic or eco-friendly dog products for you to choose from. By choosing these types of products, you and your dog will be doing your part to help save our planet. Below are some dog product ideas that will help you to be an eco-friendly dog owner.

1. Eco-Friendly Dog Beds:


There are organic dog beds on the market today that are not only eco-friendly, but comfy and stylish as well.

The fabric of these eco-friendly dog beds is usually made of organic cotton or recycled cotton while the filling is made with a recyclable material such as plastic soda bottles. Getting this type of organic dog bed will help divert plastic from landfills and reduce energy use.

2. Eco-Friendly Gourmet Dog Treats and Dog Food:


This is probably the easiest way to go green. It’s fairly effortless to find organic dog treats and organic dog food today…they are everywhere! These organic treats and food are eco-friendly because the ingredients are pesticide free and all natural.

Also, less energy is used when making them. In addition to being good for the environment, organic dog treats and food are also very good for your dog’s health.

Because the ingredients are natural and pesticide free, your dog will most likely experience the following benefits: reduction of skin allergies, more energy, less digestive problems, healthy weight and an overall stronger immunity.

I believe the higher price of these organic dog treats and food is well worth it and can save you money later on in vet bills.

3. Eco-Friendly Dog Shampoos:


All natural, organic dog shampoos do not contain any harsh ingredients, artificial colors or synthetic perfumes.

The mild and gentle cleaning agents in these shampoos work very well in getting rid of dirt and grime without stripping the fur’s natural oils.

The all natural ingredients are effective as well as safe for the environment.

You can even find all natural flea shampoo that uses citronella to naturally repel bugs and fleas.

4. Eco-Friendly Dog Clothes:


If you like to dress up your pooch, organic dog clothes are becoming more and more popular. You can find clothes such as dog tee shirts that are made with organic cotton, which is easy on the environment.

There are also bamboo dog tee shirts on the market today. Bamboo is extremely earth friendly. It supplies 30% more oxygen than trees and removes 30% more carbon dioxide which causes global warming. Bamboo also requires no fertilizers or pesticides to grow.

5. Eco-Friendly Dog Toys:


Organic dog toys might be a bit more difficult to find, but they are out there and they are getting more popular. Look for toys that are made with organic cotton or hemp.

These materials are non-toxic and the fibers are not bleached, processed or treated. In other words, they are safe for your pet and good for the environment. Also try dog toys that are made with recycled materials.

6. Eco-Friendly Dog Carriers:


If you have a small pooch who you like to carry around with you, why not go green and invest in an organic dog carrier?

Materials for an eco-friendly dog carrier include hemp, organic cotton or natural burlap.

You’ll find that these carriers are beautiful as well as functional, so you won’t have to give up on style.

7. Eco-Friendly Dog Collars:

As with beds, toys and carriers, organic dog collars are usually made with material such as organic cotton or hemp.

You will definitely not have to forego style as these collars come in all colors and patterns.

8. Eco-Friendly Dog Leashes:

Quite similar to the previous product in that it’s Ultra Soft and Highly Durable Eco-Friendly Leash Made from Recycled Water Bottle.

You can obviously match this up with the Eco-Friendly Dog Collar made by the same company or use it in combination with other eco-friendly dog collars!

9. Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bag:

In this age of “plastic waste” you really MUST try to abolish your plastic bag fetish. With the usual poop bag, they aren’t bio-degradable, so theoretically could last decades before the decompose.

With eco-friendly poop bags, the decompose time period is greatly reduced. With these particular ones, reduced to just 90 days bio-gradability. Great news for the planet!

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite products. It just means that you make wiser choices that can help the planet, not hurt it. If you want to try and live a greener life, start small and go from there.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be. For example, when you run out of your dog’s current treats, try organic dog treats next time.

When your dog’s bed starts looking a bit haggard, try an organic or eco-friendly dog bed next time. Just make an effort to incorporate being eco-friendly into your life…and also your dog’s life!

Not only will your dog benefit from these eco-friendly dog products, mother earth will benefit as well.