Are Compostable Phone Cases a Better Choice?

Are Compostable Phone Cases a Better Choice?

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Phone circumstances for our smartphones seem to be a wise funding. But what in the event you’re attempting to cut back your use of plastic? Several manufacturers now function cellphone circumstances product of compostable bioplastic. Are compostable plastic cellphone circumstances a better option?

Two producers are out in entrance within the compostable cellphone case world: Pela and EcoBlvd. Both make claims that the everyday shopper could not simply perceive concerning:

  • The materials used to make the product
  • Whether the product is dwelling compostable or not
  • What do if dwelling composting isn’t an possibility

The draw back of conventional plastic circumstances is evident. They can’t be transferred from one cellphone to a different as a result of they’re designed for a particular mannequin. Most recycling packages gained’t settle for cellphone circumstances. That implies that most cellphone circumstances will possible find yourself in a landfill the place it takes lots of of years to decompose, leaving toxins within the soil as they break down.

Phone circumstances comprised of compostable plastics use plant supplies and infrequently incorporate at the very least some renewable or recycled supplies. And the producers declare they are often totally composted inside six to 12 months. We’ve decreased the complicated info obtainable from two composable cellphone case makers to make your decisions clear.

A Few Things To Know About Compostable Plastics

As with many decisions customers face, it’s not at all times simple to know if producer claims are pretty much as good as they sound. Many firms make good-faith efforts to extend the sustainability of their merchandise, however others interact within the observe of greenwashing, making false claims, utilizing obscure phrases comparable to “all pure” or “eco-friendly.”

Compostable plastics are usually comprised of plant-based supplies. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Plastic that’s compostable is biodegradable, however not each plastic that’s biodegradable is compostable. Whereas biodegradable plastic could also be engineered to biodegrade in soil or water, compostable plastic refers to biodegradation into soil conditioning materials (i.e., compost) beneath a sure set of situations.” In different phrases, to be compostable, plastics should degrade again into compost, the nutrient-dense soil amendment gardeners love.

Products too typically declare to be “compostable” with out specifying that they have to be despatched to an industrial composting facility. Industrial composting reaches larger temperatures than a house compost pile, so can break down heartier supplies. But such services usually are not obtainable in lots of areas of the United States and only a few settle for compostable plastics. Additionally, as a result of there are presently no commonplace checks for evaluating the house compostability of a product, claims that cellphone circumstances will compost in dwelling piles usually are not essentially verifiable.


Pela needs to “create a waste free future” by making a product “that you simply maintain each day.” The firm additionally makes the Lomi Home Composter, an equipment that reaches industrial compost pile temperatures. In reality, Pela cellphone circumstances may be processed within the Lomi, as founder Brad Pedersen explained on Earth911’s Sustainability in Your Ear podcast.

Is the ensuing compost secure? The Pela Case is comprised of Flaxstic®, a compostable bioplastic elastomer mixed with flax straw supplies. When it breaks down, it produces compost that is freed from phthalates, BPA, cadmium, and lead, widespread residual pollution that make the ensuing soil unusable. The materials additionally carries a decrease carbon footprint than plastic circumstances comprised of petroleum.

If you can not compost your Pela Case regionally, the corporate gives free recycling by its Pela 360 program once you purchase a brand new case, which comes with a free mail-in label to return your outdated Pela Case.

Pela’s dedication to sustainability is compelling. They have a sturdy sustainability strategy, they monitor a number of information about their impression, they usually’ve donated over $1 million {dollars} to a lot of planet-minded organizations.


EcoBlvd payments itself as a “fashion-forward sustainable cellphone accent model.” The firm makes use of corn-based plastic InnoMaize™, a composite of cornstarch, corn sugar, and plant fibers in its merchandise. Its Mojave circumstances are made with bamboo-based plastic, known as CornBo™. Plastics product of cornstarch or bamboo sound fairly good. However, proprietary blends with solely partly disclosed supplies call to mind the best way beauty firms cover a bunch of elements beneath the time period “parfum.”

The firm means that its circumstances will decompose in both a house or industrial compost pile. EcoBlvd gives a free delivery label to return used circumstances to its Roundabout Recycling program. If you ship the outdated case again, you may as well get 25% off the worth of a brand new case. Whether EcoBlvd cellphone circumstances would actually break down in dwelling compost continues to be unclear, so we suggest sending outdated circumstances to the corporate for processing.

We’d nonetheless prefer to see a bit extra transparency on the supplies within the bioplastic. If the corporate really has listed all of them, we’d suggest they spell that out so potential clients know for positive.

A Last Resort

Regardless of the cellphone case you’ve got, RECASETiFY needs that will help you recycle or get well the supplies for future use. CASETiFY, which sells cellphone circumstances product of recycled supplies, will settle for any model cellphone case from clients within the U.S. and plenty of Asian international locations. You should pay for delivery an outdated case, or all of the circumstances you’ve collected over time, however CASETiFY helps offset the fee by providing a 15% low cost on a brand new case.

Safe Bets

Although it might take a while to learn and assess the composting claims made by each firms, Pela Case and EcoBlvd supply proof that their merchandise may be composted to make a secure, usable soil complement.

We suggest to producers that they clearly label all compostable merchandise as “dwelling compostable,” “industrially compostable,” or “dwelling or industrially compostable” to make it simple for buyers to establish probably the most handy and sustainable end-of-life possibility obtainable. That’s the important thing to unlocking the round financial system, serving to folks take step one to return a product to the Earth or make it prepared for an additional use.