Best of Earth911 Podcast: Carbios’ Emmanuel Ladent on the Dawn of Enzymatic Plastic Recycling

Best of Earth911 Podcast: Carbios’ Emmanuel Ladent on the Dawn of Enzymatic Plastic Recycling

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Is plastic recycling at a turning level? Meet Emmanuel Ladent, CEO of Carbios, a Clermont-Ferrand, France-based firm that has developed an enzymatic plastic recycling expertise that guarantees to make plastic a circular material with 95% yields, corresponding to aluminum. The Carbios technology recycles polyethylene terephthalate, or clear and colored PET, higher often known as plastic #1, which is the idea for making billions of single-use bottles and thermoform containers for produce, in addition to the polyester utilized in clothes. Carbios’ course of requires no sorting of PET and polyester, counting on a lot decrease temperatures than mechanical recycling, so it requires much less vitality and water. Emmanuel explains that the Carbios course of produces two monomers, the chemical foundation for making new PET, which could be recycled many instances in distinction to the 2 or three cycles right this moment’s PET recycling can ship.

Emmanuel Ladent, CEO of Carbios
Emmanuel Ladent, CEO of Carbios, is our visitor on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Plastic recycling has stumbled and greenwashed its approach via a slow evolution and created a lot of distrust amongst shoppers and governments. Chemical, molecular, and enzymatic plastic recycling have all appeared within the final a number of years with guarantees that plastic could be turned from a linear waste-creating system that fills landfills with air pollution to a round economic system that retains all, or just about all, of the plastic we use in circulation with out the necessity for virgin plastic constituted of oil. If we are able to recycle PET effectively, and create the infrastructure and consumer habits that help recycling PET at international scales, it will be an enormous step ahead to a round economic system. You can study extra about Carbios at

This podcast initially aired on March 27, 2023.