Best of Earth911 Podcast: Re:Dish CEO Caroline Vanderlip on Creating a Circular Food Service System

Best of Earth911 Podcast: Re:Dish CEO Caroline Vanderlip on Creating a Circular Food Service System

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Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of Re:Dish, joins the dialog to debate making cafeteria, institutional, and restaurant meals service sustainable. Re:Dish supplies reusable meals service gadgets, gathering, returning them to a dishwashing facility every day, and delivering a contemporary provide to its clients, which embrace company and faculty cafeterias and hospitals. Re:Dish presents a number of #5 plastic (polypropylene) clamshell and spherical meal containers which can be rented on a per-use foundation to institutional clients. These containers don’t embrace the PFAS used to prevent leakage in lots of compostable meals service merchandise. Customers are supplied with informational guides for diners and branded assortment containers that Re:Dish empties every day.

Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of Re:Dish
Caroline Vanderlip, CEO of Re:Dish, is our visitor on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Re:Dish claims that an organization cafeteria that reuses a median of 500 containers as an alternative of molded pulp single-user containers each enterprise day for a 12 months can stop 125,000 gadgets from going to a landfill and that it’ll use 67% much less water and produce 77% fewer Scope 3 emissions, these produced from sourcing, making, and delivery the single-use containers. The firm has additionally declared its personal zero-waste objective, which it needs to realize by subsequent 12 months, 2023 — they presently divert 76% of the waste in its amenities from landfills. You can study extra about Re:Dish at

Editor’s notice: During the interview, at 4 minutes and 24 seconds, Caroline misspoke, saying that 1 million meals service merchandise are used yearly; the proper determine is 1 trillion.

This podcast initially aired on October 14, 2022.