Best Sustainable Kitchen Products: 10 Must-Haves in 2021

Best Sustainable Kitchen Products: 10 Must-Haves in 2021

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Having an eco friendly kitchen is easier than you thought. Just take a quick look around your kitchen and you’ll find so many ideas to further your goal of sustainable living.

Too lazy to make the first move? Worry not. I’ve compiled all the required information and created a list of top 10 kitchen items for you to get started. Not only this, I’ve also provided direct links to make your life simpler.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through any of these links, I may receive a commission.

Sustainable Bamboo Cutting Boards

Bamboo wood is sturdy, recyclable and sustainable. Eco friendly chopping boards can withstand heavy slicing and dicing. Your knives do not go dull when you use bamboo wood based cutting boards.

Bamboo readily absorbs liquid and fights bacteria to help you eat healthy.

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Eco Friendly Scrub Sponges

Who knew that those small scrub sponges would also have a sustainable replacement.

Eco friendly scrubs contribute meaningfully to the list of sustainable kitchen items. Cellulose based scrubs cleans your dishes along with the environment. It reduces the addition of harmful synthetic alternatives to the landfill.

Two-sided scrubs usually have a soft side for absorbing dirt and grime. You can use the other side for scrubbing jobs on tougher stains.

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Plant-based Kitchen Trash Bags

Replace the plastic trash bags in your kitchen with plant based eco friendly trash bags. These bags are odor free and are as strong as the virgin or recycled plastic alternatives. The bags are leak proof even for extended durations of storage. Plant based bags are a sure shot way to reduce your carbon footprint in the kitchen.

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Reusable Paper Towels

Paper based disposable contribute tremendously to deforestation across the globe.

Eco friendly paper towels are made from sustainable raw materials such as bamboo. Moreover, they are reusable. A lot of good brands provide bamboo based paper towels that can be reused for around 80 to 100 times before discarding.

Simply use a towel for cleaning, wash it off with cold water like a cloth, and dry it up for the next use.

Isn’t it awesome?

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Sustainable Kitchenware

Wooden cutlery takes around 90 days to compost and is an amazing replacement for plastic based disposable cutlery. Some responsible brands producing such cutlery plant an equivalent amount of trees that they harvest.

A typical cutlery set will include everything from spoons to forks and knives. Their dimensions also match with regular silverware and plastic alternatives. Hence, no compromises.

I’ve heard some people wash and reuse some of the cutlery.

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Sustainable Grocery Shopping Bags

Every time you go to a supermarket, you end up coming back with a plastic carry bag. Make it a habit to carry your own bag.

Heavy duty cloth bags with broad bases are a perfect alternative to clumsy plastic bags. These cloth bags are designed to flatten out and hence require minimum storage space. The cloth bags are sturdy and last a long time.

These bags can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and are available in different colors. I’d highly recommend these bags as a gifting option too.

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Glass Storage Containers

Glass containers are designed for several purposes. You can store them in the freezer, use them in the microwave, and clean them easily in the dishwasher.

In addition, glass containers look classy from an aesthetic standpoint. Sturdy glass containers can also be used for rugged purposes like camping, picnics and trips. Glass containers are extensively used in most zero waste stores.

Depending on the lid types, a lot of containers claim to be leak proof and are definitely odorless. No BPA means environmentally friendly. Buy a set with various sizes to suit your diverse kitchen needs.

Just don’t drop them even from low heights or they’d be shred to pieces.

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Beeswax Food Wraps

These wraps are made up of cotton and beeswax instead of plastic. Apart from being easily washable, a lot of wraps can be replenished with beeswax by just adding a layer and heating it as instructed.

And there you’ve a brand new wrap ready for the next several uses.

These cloth wraps are multipurpose and not just limited to wrapping food items. You can cover a bunch of flowers to make it a lovable gift for your special ones.

You can also use it in your luggage to hold and separate wet items like toothbrushes and soaps. Cotton wraps are easily compostable as you already know.

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Sustainable Bamboo Placemats

Bamboo products keep coming up in our list of eco-friendly items because of bamboo’s sustainability potential.

Placemats add a visual appeal to your dining table. They also keep your table clean without a lot of efforts and help you stay away from vinyl based products. Bamboo mats are easy to clean and easy to store. Just roll ’em up.

A set of sustainable bamboo placemats would be a perfect addition to your eco friendly kitchen collection.

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Reusable Storage Bags

Time to ditch those plastic ziplock bags for good. Move to an eco-friendly, lead-free alternative that is both safe and healthy.

Reusable storage bags do minimal harm to the environment when disposed or burned. Moreover, efficiency-wise, these reusable bags are as good as ziplock bags.

These bags are leak-free and sturdy. The bag gets ready for reuse just with a simple wash under the tap.

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Final Notes

To summarize, eco friendly products in kitchen reduce the use of plastic and other harmful components getting added to the environment. Being biodegradable, these products are easy to dispose of.

I hope this quick list of best sustainable kitchen products was good enough to get you going. Do share your feedback and comments if you’ve used any of these products before or if it has made a difference.