Can Aluminum ignite the Hydrogen economy?

Can Aluminum ignite the Hydrogen economy?

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Aluminum could possibly be a supply of good gasoline. This Canada produces aluminum with one of many lowest carbon footprints on the earth.

Summers are rising hotter, storms extra violent, wildfires extra frequent and ocean levels are rising. It is turning into more and more apparent that burning fossil fuels containing hundreds of thousands of years value of trapped carbon is altering our environment and local weather.

Hydrogen is a promising alternative to fossil fuels. It’s considerable, clear burning and has a excessive mass vitality density. With modification it may be utilized in heating, automobile engines or fuel-cells as a alternative for carbon-based fuels akin to pure gasoline (CH4) gasoline (C8H18) or diesel gasoline (C12H23).

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Hydrogen gasoline is countless and out there and a inexperienced vitality contributing to a carbon-free future. Storage tanks could be despatched like drones.

Hydrogen doesn’t have the long-term environmental flaws of fossil fuels. But it isn’t but a easy alternative for hydrocarbons. Extracting  green or gray hydrogen takes a substantial quantity of vitality and geologic hydrogen hasn’t but been present in industrial portions.

Hydrogen additionally has a low volumetric vitality density. This means regardless that one kilogram of hydrogen can present two to a few occasions the vitality of 1 kilogram of diesel gasoline, at customary atmospheric strain a hydrogen gasoline tank requires about 5000 occasions the amount of a diesel gasoline tank with a purpose to present the identical vitality and vary.

Pressurizing the hydrogen to about 10,000 kilos per sq. inch improves this in order that hydrogen solely requires about 7 occasions the amount of diesel gasoline. This strain is sort of twice as excessive as that which imploded the Titan submersible underwater earlier this 12 months whereas looking for the Titantic wreckage.

So whereas hydrogen is a promising fuel, storage and transport is challenging. If solely we may effectively generate hydrogen close to the place it’s used. A Canadian analysis group could have the reply in aluminium. 

It takes as much as 63 kilowatt-hours to extract one kilogram of aluminium from its bauxite ore. Much of that vitality stays trapped within the chemistry of Aluminium in the identical manner coal and gasoline lure the vitality of historic daylight.  In truth burning aluminium produces nearly twice the vitality of burning an equal mass of coal.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the vitality embedded in a single soda can may energy a 14 watt mild bulb for 60 hours or a tv for 2 hours. By tuning the particle dimension and chemistry, the vitality embedded on this steel can be utilized to extract hydrogen from water.

Reza Kholghy

Reza Kholghy

Reza Kholghy, PhD, is analysis chair in Particle Technology and Combustion Engineering at Carlton University in Ottawa Canada. Dr. Kholghy was sort sufficient to supply Green Prophet with some perception on this promising new know-how.

GreenProphet (GP): How do you utilize aluminium to provide hydrogen? 

Dr. Kholghy: Aluminium powder is combined with water and combusts by a excessive temperature oxidation course of. This manner, Aluminium takes the oxygen molecule in water and turns into alumina (aluminium oxide) and releases the hydrogen in water molecules.

A reactor in Carleton’s Energy and Particle Technology Laboratory that informed the construction of Kholghy’s reactor with GH Power.

A reactor in Carleton’s Energy and Particle Technology Laboratory that knowledgeable the development of Kholghy’s reactor with GH Power.

GP: What is the effectivity in comparison with different strategies of recycling Aluminium?

Dr. Kholghy: This isn’t a way to recycle aluminium. By combusting it with water, we are able to get 100% yield, that means that the entire aluminium will probably be transformed to alumina and for each kg of Aluminium, roughly 1 kg of water is consumed releasing round 111 gr of hydrogen

GP: What is the amount and mass vitality density in comparison with hydrogen gasoline cell know-how?

Dr. Kholghy: The reactor could be very compact, a 2 MW reactors solely want a footprint of round 300 to 400 sq sq ft and cogenerate warmth, hydrogen and alumina. 

GP: Why weren’t we doing this 100 years in the past?

Dr. Kholghy: This response has been utilized in a wide range of utility together with inexperienced rocket propellant the place Aluminium nanoparticles are used. However, the distinctive function of our work is discovering a solution to burn giant Aluminium particles 

GP: What is the perfect scale for an Aluminium hydrogen generator? (automobile, home, utility…)

Dr. Kholghy: Utility, from 1 MegaWatt and better. 

GP: What would you inform somebody who’s sceptical?

Canada produces aluminum with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world.

Canada produces aluminum with one of many lowest carbon footprints on the earth.

Dr. Kholghy: This is only a pice of puzzle in direction of transitioning to zero carbon vitality manufacturing. This know-how presents off grid options for cogeneration of warmth, hydrogen in addition to worthwhile excessive purity alumina that’s utilized in batteries. 

GP: Are you working with different researchers or companies?

Dr. Kholghy: We are working with a Company referred to as GH Power to develop this know-how. 

GP: What is the following step?

Dr. Kholghy: Our industrial accomplice is working with us to display the total scale reactor. 

GP: How are impurities eliminated?

Dr. Kholghy: For hydrogen technology, there isn’t a have to take away impurities. We get related hydrogen yield irrespective of if recycled Aluminium with low purity or excessive purity Aluminium is used. The purity of alumina is just like the purity of the Aluminium gasoline used and we’ve developed a proprietary course of to take away impurities from the produced alumina if wanted. 

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