Captura harvests CO2 from the Sea

Captura harvests CO2 from the Sea

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Carbon seize from the ocean, captura

The subsequent time you open a container of carbonated water, glowing wine or a gentle drink you would possibly marvel if the inventors of this inexperienced know-how have been impressed by the pssst fizz sound of carbon dioxide being launched from the beverage into the ambiance? What if this course of might be reversed? Could this be used to sequester carbon dioxide?

Climate change is a product of an excessive amount of carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases reminiscent of methane within the ambiance. See the forest fires raging in Canada? An effect of climate change

In some methods nature is forward of us. Carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolves in water even at regular atmospheric strain.  Captura believes it may benefit from the pure capability of water to dissolve carbon dioxide.

Billions of tons of carbon dioxide have already dissolved into the water of the world’s rivers lakes and oceans. We can be glad about this however even nature has a restrict. The dissolved CO2 makes carbonic acid which makes these our bodies of water extra acidic and might influence aquatic life. Acidity is one of the factors affecting coral reef health on this planet’s oceans. 

Eventually the water loses its capability to soak up extra carbon dioxide. When freshwater lake temperature drops to its level of most density of 39°F or 3.98°C,  floor water sinks to the underside, displacing CO2 saturated water which rises and releases a few of this gasoline again into the ambiance. This seasonal turning of lakes occurs in temperate climates. It additionally removes methane and introduces oxygen to deep waters. Certain varieties of fish reminiscent of smelt turn out to be energetic when a lake turns. 

In equatorial climates the water temperature by no means drops to its level of most density so many lakes stay stratified and by no means flip over. Carbon dioxide and different dissolved gases can construct up to a degree the place it’s launched catastrophically. This occurred at Lake Nyos in Cameroon West Africa in August of 1986. The launched carbon dioxide killed no less than 1700 individuals.

Captura, from the United States, plans to make use of renewable vitality to softly extract CO2 from the ocean the place it may be used for industrial processes. Founded in 2021 utilizing know-how developed at Caltech’s laboratories, Captura supplies low-cost atmospheric carbon removing by leveraging the world’s largest pure CO2 absorber – the ocean.

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They report minimal impacts on the setting and utilizing solely renewable electrical energy and ocean water as inputs, making use of a patented electrodialysis course of to generate a stream of pure CO2 that may then be sequestered or utilized to make different low-carbon merchandise.

The consumption and output are in comparatively shallow water without having for deepwater pipelines or drilling platforms. Most ocean water won’t want pre-treatment for the electrodialysis course of which separates extra acetic carbon dioxide wealthy water from the alkali water which is launched to permit extra “respiratory room” for shallow ocean waters to soak up CO2 from the ambiance and cross it all the way down to be absorbed by deeper water.

The CO2 output can be utilized for industrial processes and supplies a verifiable measurement for carbon credit score accounting.

A pilot is operating within the Pacific ocean off Newport Beach California. It’s a kind of concepts that if you see it you marvel why you didn’t consider it the final time you opened a can of soda.

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