Environmentally Friendly Flooring: How It’s Possible 

Environmentally Friendly Flooring: How It’s Possible 

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Every sq. meter of flooring ought to be wholesome and ecologically sound. This is the way you do it.

Flooring might be not the very first thing you concentrate on in the case of local weather change and being environmentally pleasant. It’s probably not the second or third factor you concentrate on both.  

But while you begin questioning the influence of flooring on the setting and the way a lot it’s contributing to world warming, you may assume it has a unfavourable influence. However, regardless of flooring coming from pure sources or man-made supplies, it isn’t fully detrimental to the world round us.  

When it involves environmentally pleasant flooring, typically known as eco-friendly or sustainable, there are a number of elements to keep in mind: sturdiness, sustainability, chemical remedy, recyclability and waste. 


There’s a typical false impression that sustainable merchandise are much less sturdy than their environmentally damaging counterparts. Eco-friendly flooring may be very sturdy and might face up to an energetic setting in addition to normal put on and tear. 

Their lengthy lifespans then lower down on supplies, chemical compounds and power getting used to make replacements, lessening the carbon emissions and decreasing waste. This can be an economical choice! 


When trying into your flooring choices, it’s vital to know whether or not the uncooked materials used is definitely replenished. There ought to be a steadiness in order that the fabric isn’t depleted previous a set equilibrium. The supplies may develop rapidly or be fastidiously managed to take care of this steadiness. 

Another issue is the life cycle of your flooring. Think about how and the place the supplies are sourced, the carbon footprint to your private home and what’s going to occur when the ground wants changing. Will it’s recycled or despatched to landfill?  

For reference, the flooring life cycle is: the extraction of the uncooked materials, the upstream manufacturing, manufacturing, use part, finish of life and disposal/recycling. 

Chemical Treatments 

When it involves chemical therapies, it’s actually a case of the less the higher. 

Environmentally pleasant flooring doesn’t use chemical therapies that may injury the setting and launch a excessive stage of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into your private home. VOCs are chemical compounds that may be dangerous to your well being, so it’s all the time higher to decide on supplies with low VOC ranges for each your well being and the planet. Although, because of the hazardous nature of VOCs, most producers are required to maintain their VOC ranges extraordinarily low. 

Recyclability and Waste  

 At the top of your flooring life, there are two choices: recycle or waste. 

Choosing environmentally pleasant flooring will scale back waste by being recyclable or by being composed of recyclable supplies. Whilst its all the time nice to have one thing 100% recyclable, typically it isn’t fully possible, so a flooring with recyclable supplies remains to be a greater choice than a complete flooring headed straight for landfill.  

As talked about earlier than, eco-friendly flooring is sturdy, which suggests you gained’t be changing it for years – if not many years!  

Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options 

Bamboo Flooring 

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Bamboo dome and a bamboo flooring

Bamboo is likely one of the most environmentally pleasant flooring supplies. The fast-growing grass might be harvested inside 5 years versus most stable wooden, which takes a minimum of 25 years to succeed in maturity. The plant is harvested in a means that permits the bottom to stay within the floor, undamaged. This means it will probably regrow and there’s no must replant the bamboo. Making bamboo harvesting a sustainable course of. This renewable uncooked materials is sturdy and as sturdy as oak, if no more, so it gained’t want changing for a very long time. With the correct upkeep, in fact! 

Unfortunately, bamboo flooring isn’t with out its flaws.  

Mostly grown in India, China and Indonesia, the fabric normally must be imported, which then generates extra air pollution via carbon emissions. Bamboo has additionally grow to be a extremely in style materials, which suggests much more of it has been planted. Now which may not sound like an issue, but it surely implies that loads of native ecosystems and animal habitats would’ve been destroyed to create house for the bamboo to develop.   

Cork Flooring 

"recycled wine cork bulletin board"

Cord might be upcycled into flooring

Another extremely eco-friendly flooring materials is cork, which is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. The bushes might be harvested from repeatedly each 10 or so years for round 200 years. During this course of, the cork oak tree isn’t broken and doesn’t have to be lower down. Interestingly, cork flooring is definitely made from the leftover waste from wine cork manufacturing.  

Cork flooring is power environment friendly too because it’s a pure thermal insulator, stopping the warmth inside your private home from escaping and chopping down the price of your heating invoice. Cork incorporates a excessive focus of suberin, which is a bodily barrier that stops water loss, and this makes cork flooring extremely proof against moisture and mold.  

With the correct upkeep and care, cork flooring can final a minimum of forty years and is totally biodegradable – so long as it doesn’t have any chemical resins. 

Similar to bamboo flooring, the draw back of cork is that it’s usually grown in Southern Europe, which suggests carbon emissions are launched when it’s shipped all over the world. Additionally, cork flooring is made by grinding up the cork bark and binding it with resins, which might comprise important ranges of VOCs. But not all cork flooring does!  

Solid and Engineered Wood Flooring  

foundation repair eco laminate

Wood flooring

There are some myths on the market stating that wooden flooring is unhealthy for the setting, but it surely’s most likely essentially the most environmentally pleasant flooring choice on the market.   

It might be recycled on the finish of its life and is biodegradable, permitting it to decompose naturally with out harming the setting. This depends on whether or not chemical compounds have been used! The manufacturing of wooden flooring normally has a decrease carbon footprint than different flooring supplies as wooden requires much less power to course of and manufacture. Like cork, wooden flooring is power environment friendly as wooden is a pure insulator that retains the warmth inside. Wood flooring can be identified for its sturdiness and longevity; you gained’t be changing it any time quickly! 

The draw back to stable wooden flooring is that it does use loads of bushes to make. This shouldn’t be an issue so long as extra bushes are being planted than harvested, to maintain it a sustainable useful resource. Engineered wood flooring solely has a skinny veneer of conventional wooden, which suggests it makes use of much less wooden, however the core supplies in between might be non-renewable. The predominant factor to search for with wooden flooring is whether or not the corporate practices environmental friendliness.  

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