Feeling Flu-ish? Relieve The Symptoms With Kitchen Remedies

Feeling Flu-ish? Relieve The Symptoms With Kitchen Remedies

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Herbal tea for flu symptoms

Once you’re down with flu, all the usual recommendation applies: relaxation, keep heat, drink plenty of heat fluids, take one thing to alleviate the signs. And have persistence. With care and a couple of week, the bug will fade away.

Before you attain for the standard pain-killers and fever reducers, examine your spice cabinet. I’ll guess no less than just a few pure helpers are lurking there. Read extra about medicinal spices in our Middle-Eastern Spices and Medicine Guide. 

Chills. If you’re shivering with chills, strive bay leaf tea to heat the physique and encourage sweating. Break up a few leaves and steep them in scorching water for 10 minutes, coated. Stir in a teaspoon of honey and drink. The style is gentle and pleasantly spicy, and the impact warming and comforting. My mom use to make this tea for me after I was an adolescent struggling menstrual cramps. It helped, as a result of bay leaf tea encourages blood circulation.

Hoarseness. Losing your voice? Grind 6 or 7 black peppercorns up – you may crush them in a metallic or plastic bowl, with the underside of a bottle. Cover the crushed peppercorns with honey and swallow all of it down. The combination opens up the throat and chest.

Black peppercorns

Mouth sores and sore throat. Sage infusion is a dependable germ-killer that has an affinity for the mucus membranes. Make a therapeutic gargle with the silvery-green leaves. Steep a teaspoon of finely chopped sage leaves in boiling water, coated. Cool the infusion and gargle with it twice; then repeat twice extra over the following 12 hours.

Mucus dripping into the throat when you’re sick is commonly the reason for an infection. Blow your nostril typically, and gargle with sage the minute you’re feeling that scratch in your throat.

Sage has gentle hormonal and drying properties. Pregnant and nursing girls shouldn’t drink sage tea, nor eat meals cooked with giant quantities of it. Children, particularly ladies, ought to gargle with it, however not try to drink it. They received’t need to anyway; sage tea is bitter.

fresh sage leaves

Headache. A cup or two of rosemary tea soothes the drained, achey head, as a consequence of its excessive calcium content material. Make an infusion the identical manner as with bay leaves; steeped in scorching water for 10 minutes. Sweeten to style. Rosemary additionally clears mind fog for some time.

Pregnant girls ought to keep away from rosemary, because it tends to “clear out” the physique. But nursing girls can profit from its excessive calcium content material: one-half cup twice every day for not than three days.

Keep the vitamin C up with beautiful mint tea. My Moroccan mates give their children mint tea yr spherical, and declare their children by no means get runny noses. Drink it scorching or cool, made with contemporary leaves or dried. Sweeten to style.

Loss of urge for food. Sometimes a sick particular person simply can’t face meals. In that case, it’s essential to remain hydrated with heat teas. Chamomile, being anti-inflammatory and particularly soothing, is a superb alternative. Sweeten to style and drink freely.

And keep in mind the magical therapeutic properties of fine soup. Chicken or miso soup are mild and nutritious. If you’re lower than making your individual, ask a good friend to repair it.

Soup for flu

A winter salad for flu-ey individuals: Peel an orange and slice it thinly. Layer the slices with contemporary mint leaves and if accessible, sliced tomatoes. Drizzle olive oil and lemon juice over the dish, sprinkling a little bit salt over all. Or use your favourite salad dressing. The orange, inexperienced, and purple colours are a delight to the eyes and get up even a waning urge for food. Your physique will take pleasure in an enormous hit of vitamin C.

This publish doesn’t change skilled medical recommendation. Consult a physician if the signs are unusually sturdy or extended, or if there’s excessive fever.

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