How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

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If you may have a giant downpour and see moisture in your ceiling, chances are you’ll be questioning whether or not it is a signal that your roof wants changing.

In some circumstances, it may very well be a freak occasion, and the character of the rainfall and the path it got here down in overwhelmed your roof plumbing. In that case, it could not counsel the necessity for a brand new roof. But in some circumstances, it may very well be an indication of a brand new roof being wanted.

In this text, we define the clear indicators that it is best to look out for, that do counsel your roof could also be in want of restore or alternative.

In all circumstances, we additionally advocate talking with an expert roofing firm, like Magnum Roofing, as you contemplate the obtainable choices.

1. Loose shingles

Loose shingles of the roof

Shingles are an effective way to maintain your roof protected towards water harm. However, in the event you discover any free shingles in your roof, this might imply a difficulty with the adhesive holding them in place. This can result in leaks and much more severe points, corresponding to mildew progress. It’s greatest to get these issues mounted earlier than they grow to be larger issues.

2. Cracked granules

If you see cracks in the granules in your roof, this will point out that the underlying membrane has been broken by wind or hail. The granular layer protects the membrane beneath it, so if it will get cracked, it is going to weaken your entire roof construction. Besides, granular cracking means the roof must be changed sooner slightly than later. You ought to have your roof inspected by an expert to find out what must be performed about this downside.

3. Dark spots on the roof

Dark spots

Many various things may cause darkish spots in your roof. They can point out a leaky roof however may also be brought on by algae rising on the roof’s floor. Either approach, darkish spots should be addressed instantly as a result of they’ll trigger rot and mildew to develop beneath the spot.

Dark spots may also be brought on by tree branches falling onto your roof. For this to occur, the department should break off the tree, fall onto your roof, and stay there for some time. If you discover many of those spots in your roof, you possible want to switch your roof.

4. Water harm to decrease flooring

Water harm may also be an indication that your roof wants changing. If you discover water harm to the decrease flooring of your home, this might imply that the roof is leaking. If you discover water stains on the ceiling, this might imply that water has gotten into the attic by the chimney flue. If you discover water marks on the partitions, this might imply that rainwater has seeped into the inside of your own home. These are all indicators that your roof wants changing, so contact an expert roofer instantly.

5. Constant leaks and drips

leaks and drips

If you’re noticing fixed leaks and drips out of your roof, it might signify that your roof wants changing. Even if there aren’t any cracks within the granule layer or different apparent indicators of harm, some roofs should be changed just because they’re outdated. Older roofs want extra repairs and don’t final so long as newer ones do. In these circumstances, it is smart simply to chunk the bullet and put money into a brand new one. Sometimes, nonetheless, leaks are on account of poor set up. That mentioned, even poor installations must be checked out as quickly as potential as a result of they’ll worsen over time. A superb rule of thumb is to name an expert contractor in the event you discover any uncommon dripping sound and even tiny puddles accumulating close to your own home.

6. Moss or algae progress

Moss and algae may also be one other signal that your roof wants changing. This usually occurs when the moss or algae spores land on the roof surface and start growing. Moss tends to develop between the joints the place roof sections meet, stopping air circulation and growing moisture ranges inside these areas. Algae thrive in moist environments, together with moist sections of your roof (corresponding to close to gutters). Regardless of what kind of moss or algae is rising in your roof, each pose vital well being dangers for people and animals. They promote the expansion of micro organism, viruses, and fungi that may hurt you and your loved ones. Plus, moss and algae take away oxygen from the environment, which is unhealthy for the setting and might result in issues together with your roof. Make positive to wash up any moss or algae in your roof earlier than it turns into an even bigger downside.

7. Storm harm

storm damaged the roof of the house

Another signal {that a} new roof is required is whenever you expertise storm harm. If a big object has landed in your roof—like a fallen tree or in the event you’ve skilled lightning strike harm, ice storms, tornadoes, and even derecho storms—then it’s time to evaluate whether or not your roof may be repaired or if it must be changed fully. You may also want to switch your entire roof after experiencing wind and hail harm.


Leaving a broken roof untreated for an extended time period might flip a small downside into a giant one, so in the event you discover vital leaking or any of the opposite signs described above, communicate to your native roof plumber about coming to examine your home as quickly as potential.

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