How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

How to Lock a Door Without a Lock

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Although your own home, go to resorts, or Airbnb ought to have good door locks to guarantee you privateness and safety, typically they fail, or in different instances, it’s possible you’ll not belief the lock state of affairs in a resort or condo. The finest fixes are reinstalling, repairing, and changing the lock, however for pressing and straightforward fixes, there are a couple of DIY lock hacks that guarantee your door safety and not using a lock.

One Is to Use a Doorstop

Mostly, we use a doorstop to stop the door from closing, however while you place it behind a door opening inwards, it could possibly bodily forestall the door from being opened when the doorknob is damaged or not purposeful. Note that this technique is inapplicable to outward-opening doorways, and it’s not an ideal method to defending your self from intruders; intruders can simply bypass the barricade and enter your own home.

Use Your Chair to Lock Your Door

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A research chair generally is a excellent technique to have a locked door as a result of you may angle it such that the again chair high wedges on the door place beneath the deal with whereas the chair backside firmly vegetation towards the bottom. This creates stress between the door deal with and your ground and prevents the door from opening.

You might additionally use the chair again high to dam lever-style door handles from transferring downwards; this is applicable if the door deal with strikes downwards. If your door deal with strikes upwards to open the door, tie the extent deal with with a belt or rope to the chair to maintain the lock ready the place it’s locked.

Install a Security Bar

Here, you should fasten heavy-duty brackets to your wall or door body after which insert a thick metallic or wood bar into the brackets to dam your entire door width. They are efficient to make use of as you simply need to carry the safety bar up and out to open the door and reinsert it again into the brackets to lock your door. A safety bar will show you how to safe your self from an intruder trying to kick down your locked door and entry your room.

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Use a Portable Door Lock

Portable door locks are excellent for vacationers and renters who preserve transferring from home to deal with and don’t belief out there everlasting locks; they are often simply eliminated anytime you want. It consists of a claw (a metallic piece), which you match over the prevailing doorknob latch, and a lock you match to the claw to maintain your door closed.

Apply the Fork Concept

Here, you’re required to bend your fork tines with pliers such that the tines match into the door latch and the remainder of the fork rests throughout the door and doorframe house after closing the door. Next, open the door to take away the fork from the door latch and break its deal with midway.

After that, place the fork head again on the latch, make certain the tines are correctly inserted into the latch, and shut the door. Now slide the deal with piece you broke via the tines to create a horizontal barrier that ensures you have got a locked door.


Various DIY options can guarantee you privateness and door safety when your lock is non-functional, or you don’t belief it. Consider elements corresponding to simplicity, longevity, or safety to decide on an answer that most closely fits your wants and preferences. For 100% safety, rent certified technicians or an skilled locksmith company to repair your door safety issues.

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