Mowing the Lawn Without Pollution

Mowing the Lawn Without Pollution

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To many Americans, the perfect lawn symbolizes success, time for leisure, social gatherings, and household enjoyable. Unfortunately, retaining that grass completely inexperienced and well-maintained is resource-intensive. It requires irrigation, weeding, fertilizing, and mowing. And as garden know-how — together with instruments, fertilizers, pesticides, and watering methods — improves, we dedicate extra assets to those extremely manicured monocultures.

A substantial quantity of gasoline is consumed to energy two-stroke fuel mowers, which spew out emissions that account for up to 5% of the United State’s complete air air pollution. This determine doesn’t embody gas-powered leaf blowers and edgers, that are additionally recognized to trigger appreciable air pollution. Keep this in thoughts the subsequent time you store for yard tools: Using a gas-powered lawnmower for only one hour generates as a lot air air pollution as driving 350 miles.

Thankfully, these air high quality points may be largely solved by utilizing various strategies and mowers. Push mowers and scythes are each good choices, relying in your garden’s dimension, curiosity in studying a brand new ability (scythe), and terrain. Let’s discover a few of the potentialities.


Push-Reel Lawn Mowers

These mowers are human-powered and switch a spiral of a number of blades that rotate when pushed, chopping the grass.

Pros: These mowers don’t use gasoline and generate no exhaust. They are quiet to function, so that you gained’t annoy the neighbors in case you are an early chicken within the yard. Push garden mowers are light-weight in comparison with gas-powered items, making them simpler to carry and maneuver. They are easy, cheaper, and don’t should be powered up. When correctly maintained, they will final a very long time.

Better but, a push mower can be an excellent type of train.

Cons: Push mowers don’t at all times reduce each blade of grass, and most aren’t appropriate for very tall grass. Many push-reel producers advocate taking two passes on the garden, which is extra time consuming, particularly for bigger lawns.

The blade must be sharpened, requiring occasional upkeep. As the title implies, some bodily exertion is required, making them a poor match for folks with bodily limitations or massive lawns.

Mowing with a Scythe

A scythe is a curved blade connected to a protracted deal with that’s generally used to chop grass, wheat, and different crops. Scythes were used extensively in Europe and North America till the start of the twentieth century. They can be utilized efficiently on sloped landscapes and have been experiencing a revival just lately in sure locations. The excellent time to mow is early within the morning when the garden is roofed with dew. The blade must be sharpened after which honed with a whetstone.

emissions-free mowing with a scythe
Emissions-free mowing with a scythe. Image by pixabairis from Pixabay

Pros: Scythes are appropriate for hilly and rocky terrain, they usually can reduce very tall grass that isn’t appropriate for fuel or push mowers. Some folks discover it fairly gratifying to make use of a scythe — even meditative. The scythe is human-powered, so it requires no gasoline is required and it generates no emissions.

Like the push mower, the consumer will get a exercise, which is a professional or con relying in your perspective.

Cons: Mowing with a scythe requires bodily exertion and there’s a studying curve concerned in getting began. Proper technique is crucial, but this isn’t a widespread ability. The blade must be stored sharp to chop correctly.


Electric Lawn Mowers

These mowers use both batteries or a protracted twine to offer energy as an alternative of gasoline. The battery capability limits the run time on a battery-powered mower. When deciding between a fuel versus an electrical trimmer, lots of the identical advantages and disadvantages exist.

Pros: Although electrical mowers don’t require gasoline or instantly create emissions, they do nonetheless eat electricity. Their environmental friendliness relies upon partially on the kind of gasoline used to generate that electrical energy, so it’s good to know what vitality sources your native utility makes use of. Electric mowers are economical to keep up as a result of they don’t want oil adjustments, spark plugs, or air filters, though substitute batteries (if wanted) may be costly. Electrified mowers are lighter in weight than their gas-powered counterparts, making them simpler to hold and maneuver.

Cons: If you desire a future time — better than 60 to 90 minutes — a battery-powered mower may not be the perfect possibility until you may have spare batteries. However, it may be troublesome if not unattainable to mow a big yard with a corded mower, particularly if there isn’t an outlet close to the garden. Also, watch out for tangling the twine into the motor. If a lot of your energy comes from dirtier sources comparable to coal, the environmental advantages of an electrical mower lower.

This article was initially printed on August 18, 2020.