No Hot Water? Try These DIY Water Heater Fixes

No Hot Water? Try These DIY Water Heater Fixes

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The common water heater lasts wherever from 6 to 13 years. These home equipment require repairs. Heating water accounts for about 20% of your household energy use, so it’s necessary that your water heater runs as effectively as attainable.

If you hop within the bathe and the water doesn’t heat up in any respect, your water heater might not be turning on. If that is the case, there may very well be a easy repair. Some issues require calling knowledgeable, however understanding a few of the primary water heater points can assist you establish if you are able to do it your self. You simply have to analyze the ability supply on your kind of water heater to search out the difficulty.

The kind of water heater will decide the way you go about repairs.

Gas Water Heater Repairs

Gas water heaters use gas-fired burners on the backside of the tank to warmth the water inside.

Relight the Pilot Light

If you could have a gasoline water heater that isn’t working, your pilot gentle could be the issue. Most pilot lights are situated on the backside of the water heater, beneath the tank. It may very well be behind an entry panel or glass display. Check the guide on your water heater or observe these instructions to relight the pilot light.

If you gentle the pilot however it goes out instantly, be sure you maintain within the gasoline management knob for 20 to 30 seconds. If the pilot gentle nonetheless goes out after this, you could must restore or exchange the thermocouple.

Identify the Thermocouple or Flame Sensor

The thermocouple is a copper-colored wire with two connective ends. It retains the pilot gentle aflame by producing an acceptable voltage in between the 2 junctions primarily based on the temperature of the water. Before making an attempt to repair this half, it’s essential to discover out in case your water heater has a traditional thermocouple or a flame sensor.

Some newer gasoline water heaters use a flame sensor. These electronic-ignition programs work equally to thermocouples, however they sense that the burners are lit by detecting gasoline. Both programs set off ignitions that gentle up the pilot gentle and burners when the water turns into cooler than the heater setting.

You can discover the flame sensor or thermocouple connected to the within of the burner meeting, immediately in entrance of the pilot gentle. Flame sensors are usually the extra dependable of the 2, however dust and particles can stop them from lighting the pilot gentle or igniting the burner.

Clean the Thermocouple

When engaged on or cleaning electrical areas, all the time use proper safety precautions for electrical work. This can embody sporting flipping the breaker and sporting rubber gloves.

Before eradicating the burner meeting to verify for particles, be sure you additionally shut off the gasoline valve on the water heater and the gasoline line subsequent to the water heater. Only work in your gasoline water heater for those who really feel secure to take action, as a result of explosions and accidents can occur if dealt with improperly. If you are feeling extra comfy calling in knowledgeable, that’s the finest path to take on your security.

If you select to go ahead with cleansing your thermocouple or flame sensor, you’ll be able to filter any dust and mud you discover utilizing a vacuum with a slender attachment. It ought to begin working correctly once more if it was solely minorly clogged. If the pilot gentle nonetheless doesn’t ignite after vacuuming the world, the flame sensor or thermocouple could also be dangerous. Older elements might exhibit better indicators of wear and tear and tear, comparable to metal scaling, however typically they merely cease working.

Adjust the Thermocouple Wire

There are just a few different explanations for a malfunctioning pilot gentle that it’s best to contemplate earlier than changing the thermocouple, nevertheless. The thermocouple wire may merely be too removed from the pilot gentle. Test the thermocouple and alter the wire as needed.

Clear the Pilot Hole

If the pilot gentle received’t gentle in any respect, there could also be an obstruction within the pilot tube. This may be the case if the flame is weak with an orange tinge. In this occasion, it’s probably too small for the thermocouple to detect. You can clear out debris from the pilot tube to try to enhance the flame measurement.

Turn off the gasoline, initially. You can find the pilot hole on the entrance of the pilot provide line. It appears like a small, brass tube. When you discover the tube, twist it to the left to unscrew. It may be very slim, so the easiest way to clear any particles is to rub a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol alongside the perimeters. You may use compressed air to dislodge any cussed particles. Once clear and reassembled, activate the gasoline and attempt to relight the pilot gentle.

Replace the Thermocouple

If you’ve examined the above explanations and nonetheless have a weak or no pilot gentle, contemplate replacing the thermocouple or flame sensor. This is cheap and simple, requiring a alternative half and wrench to finish. Home-improvement and on-line shops will usually have alternative thermocouples, however do contact knowledgeable for those who’re uncertain what to buy or really feel unsafe following the directions for alternative.

If you select to interchange the thermocouple your self, be sure that to close off the gasoline first. There are usually three nuts that maintain the thermocouple. Loosen them to take away the whole burner meeting. It ought to slide out simply from the burner chamber. Then, you’ll be able to take away the thermocouple and exchange it with the brand new one, reassembling the burner after you might be executed and testing the pilot gentle.

Here’s a useful video from Pros DIY that walks you thru the thermocouple alternative course of.

Electric Water Heater Repairs

Electric water heaters have high-voltage rods that warmth up the water contained in the tank. This complicates issues a bit when searching for the foundation of your water heater points.

Assess the Breaker, Fuse, and Safety Switch

If you could have an electrical water heater that isn’t working, you’ll wish to flip off the ability supply earlier than engaged on repairs. In some circumstances, a easy flip of the breaker or alternative of a blown fuse can repair the issue. Some electrical water heaters actually have a security change that journeys a reset if it detects points. Resetting this switch close to the thermostat might resolve the issue, but when your water heater continues to trip the reset button, search for further points.

Test the Voltage

The subsequent step is to check the voltage with a multimeter. A multimeter is a check software designed to measure electrical values. This will provide you with an concept of the place {the electrical} scarcity is coming from when your water heater isn’t turning on.

Electric water heaters have one or two parts that warmth the water. A multimeter can check the voltage of those parts to see if they’re working correctly.

First, flip off the breaker to the water heater. You might want to remove the top and bottom panels and insulation to handle the aspect face. Then, test the water heater elements with the multimeter by making contact with screws and the metallic base of the aspect. If the needle on the multimeter strikes, the aspect must be changed.

Most householders could make this restore themselves, however all the time contact knowledgeable for those who don’t really feel comfy dealing with water and electrical parts. These parts are sometimes known as immersion parts as a result of they warmth the water whereas immersed within the tank.

Replace Electric Water Heater Elements

Replacing water heater elements requires you to know which sort of aspect is inside your equipment. Newer heaters will probably have screw-in parts, and older heaters usually have bolt-in parts. You can look on the water heater for a bodily stamp describing the water heater parts, or you’ll be able to search the make and mannequin of your water heater on-line.

There are additionally higher and decrease heating parts. Lower parts are extra generally changed as a result of accumulation of sediment within the tank backside. You can decide which one has gone dangerous by testing the water heater parts with a multimeter. Once you determine the precise kind of water heater aspect that wants changing, discover a alternative with the identical voltage.

You can go for decrease wattage when changing the aspect to increase the lifetime of your water heater and save power. If you do that, the equipment will put out much less warmth than you’ll have been used to earlier than the problems with heating occurred. Also, contemplate the age of your water heater and the type of water in your area when choosing a alternative aspect. Reach out to knowledgeable for those who need assistance figuring out the precise alternative half.

If you could have any reservations about working with electrical energy and water, contact a plumbing skilled to do that work. If you are feeling secure doing this work, flip off the circuit breaker and check the voltage with the multimeter to make sure there may be completely no energy being pumped to your water heater earlier than you begin. Follow additional instructions for replacing the water heater element(s), with or with out draining the tank.

This useful video from Jim Viebrock reveals you the right way to exchange the heating aspect in your water heater.

Saving Water and Energy

Keeping your home equipment working correctly helps them work effectively and helps you keep away from losing water or power. It can even lengthen their life. By repairing your water heater in a well timed method, you’re contributing to the sustainability of your property.

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