Peep These Nine Pest-Prevention Plants, Pronto!

Peep These Nine Pest-Prevention Plants, Pronto!

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Spring and summer time are so stunning, vibrant, and heat that — in average climates — it’s almost unattainable to remain indoors and preserve the home windows closed. Unfortunately, open home windows, picnics within the yard, and dinners on the patio are an open invitation to buzzing, biting, bothersome pests.

Although you have got your alternative of quite a few chemical bug killers and repellents, do you actually need to expose your loved ones and pets to toxic chemicals? Luckily, your landscaping can work as a pure pest repellent, if solely you understand what to plant. To get you began, listed below are 9 crops and herbs that may assist preserve bugs away.

lavender flowers
Lavender. Image: pixel2013, Pixabay


Lavender’s fragrant oils already make it a preferred alternative for a freshening and cleaning agent in homemade cleaning formulas. Those identical oils and smells make it an attractive-smelling bug repellent as properly. Lavender helps deter frequent pests like moths, fleas, flies, mosquitoes — and even scorpions.

As with most crops on this listing, lavender will work finest if planted by your high-traffic areas: entrances and out of doors dwelling areas. You can even dry lavender and place it as an ornamental repellent on the inside aspect of your entry doorways and windowsills.

Feverfew. Image: Kevin, Flickr


Feverfew is one other multipurpose pest repellent. Not solely does it chase off numerous biting, flying pests like mosquitoes, it’s a medicinal herb, used to deal with a variety of illnesses from arthritis to abdomen aches to migraines.

Feverfew does properly sufficient by itself, however works even higher if planted along with lavender and lemongrass.


Lemongrass is one other bug-be-gone heavy hitter. Also known as citronella grass, lemongrass offers the bottom for — you guessed it — the favored insect-repelling citronella candle.

Unless you reside in sunny Florida, this plant will do higher as an annual. Just don’t overlook that it’s edible as properly. Use it to assist taste a variety of recipes.

Pennyroyal. Image: Tom Brandt, Flickr


Plant pennyroyal to assist chase off mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and fleas. Quick tip: Crush a little bit of the leaves and apply to pores and skin for an much more efficient repellent.

Start an Herb Garden

Herb gardens are splendidly multifunctional. They present a satisfying pop of shade, implausible aroma, recent seasoning for meals, they usually discourage bugs.

  • Basil is a superb first alternative. It repels home flies and mosquitoes. You can even steep its leaves in boiling water, then mix with vodka for a homemade insect repellent.
  • Fennel discourages slugs, snails, and aphids.
  • Mint chases off mosquitoes. Just bear in mind to plant in a container or it would unfold rapidly.
  • Rosemary works in opposition to mosquitoes. It additionally repels different bugs which are dangerous to vegetable gardens.
  • Thyme works on a large number of pests, together with whiteflies.

If none of those choices matches your fancy, there are a lot of different edible and decorative crops that may do the trick. If you’re unsure which crops will do finest in your yard, make a journey to a neighborhood nursery to get assist from an professional.

Then, sit again and benefit from the nice outdoor, pest-free, naturally.

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