Saudi Arabia announces new natural gas fields in the east

Saudi Arabia announces new natural gas fields in the east

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Saudi Aramco found pure gasoline within the Eastern Province

Oil wealthy Saudi Arabia has introduced discovering the lesser evil of fossil fuels, two natural gas fields in what they name the Empty Quarter, by Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s gasoline and oil enterprise, the wealthiest firm on the planet owned by the Saudi royal household. Saudi Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, introduced the invention yesterday.

The Al-Hiran pure gasoline discipline was found after pure gasoline flowed at a charge of 30 million normal cubic ft per day (mscf/d) from the Hanifa reservoir within the Al-Hiran-1 effectively, together with 1,600 barrels per day (bpd) of condensate. Natural gasoline additionally flowed at a charge of three.1 million mscf/d from the Arab-C reservoir in the identical discipline.

Natural gasoline was additionally found in 5 reservoirs in beforehand found fields, together with the Al-Jalah reservoir in a discipline within the Empty Quarter, the place pure gasoline flowed at 46 mscf/d, and a further pure gasoline reservoir within the Shadoon discipline west of Markaz Haradh. Another exploration was made within the Unayzah-A reservoir as pure gasoline flowed at a charge of 15.5 mscf/d, accompanied by about 460 bpd of condensate.

In the Eastern Province, pure gasoline was found within the Unayzah B/C reservoir within the Mazalej discipline southwest of Dhahran, the place gasoline flowed at 14 mscf/d, with about 4,150 bpd of condensate. Al-Sara reservoir additionally noticed a pure gasoline discovery in Al-Wudhaihi discipline and Al-Qusaiba reservoir in Awtad discipline southwest of Al Hofuf, the place pure gasoline flowed from Al-Sara reservoir at a charge of 11.7 mscf/d and from the Al-Qusaiba reservoir at a charge of 5.1 mscf/d, accompanied by about 57 bpd of condensate.

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