Say Goodbye to Plastic Pollution: 10 Easy Tips to Cut Plastic Out of Your Life

Say Goodbye to Plastic Pollution: 10 Easy Tips to Cut Plastic Out of Your Life

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Plastic air pollution is without doubt one of the most urgent environmental points dealing with our planet as we speak. Plastic waste will be present in each nook of the globe, from the depths of the ocean to the tops of the best mountains. It is estimated there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic within the ocean and this quantity is simply set to extend, except we take speedy motion.

Improving your private plastic footprint is just not as onerous because it may appear. If you incorporate the three “Rs” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) into your on a regular basis life, you’ll shortly understand the way you begin making an affect day by day.

The simplest strategy to scale back plastic air pollution is to scale back our personal private use of plastic. This might sound daunting, however there are lots of easy and easy methods to do that in our on a regular basis lives. Here are a number of the greatest methods to cut back plastic in your every day routine:

  1. Use Reusable Shopping Bags: One of the simplest methods to cut back plastic waste is to modify to reusable purchasing luggage. Every 12 months, an estimated five trillion plastic bags are used and discarded, lots of which find yourself within the ocean. By utilizing a reusable purchasing bag, you may assist to cut back the variety of plastic luggage in circulation and shield marine life. Additionally, you can too go for luggage constructed from pure supplies resembling cotton or jute.
  1. Say No to Straws: Plastic straws are a serious contributor to ocean air pollution. They are sometimes too small to be successfully recycled and find yourself within the ocean the place they will hurt marine life. By saying no to straws, or switching to a reusable steel or glass straw, you may make a giant distinction in lowering plastic waste. Additionally, you can too go for straws constructed from pure supplies resembling bamboo or paper.
  1. Bring Your Own Water Bottle and Coffee Mug: Single-use plastic water bottles and low cups are one other main contributor to plastic air pollution. By bringing your personal refillable containers, you may assist to cut back the variety of plastic bottles and low cups in circulation and even get monetary savings in the long term. Additionally, you can too go for water bottles constructed from stainless-steel or glass, that are extraordinarily sturdy and long-lasting.
  1. Use Reusable Food Containers: Single-use plastic containers, resembling plastic wrap and sandwich luggage, are a serious supply of plastic waste. By utilizing reusable containers, resembling these product of glass or stainless-steel, you may assist scale back the quantity of plastic waste produced. Additionally, you may go for containers constructed from pure supplies resembling bamboo or beeswax. 
  1. Avoid Pre-Packaged Foods: Pre-packaged meals are sometimes wrapped in a number of layers of plastic, which will be tough to recycle. By avoiding pre-packaged meals and as a substitute shopping for contemporary produce, you may assist to cut back the quantity of plastic waste produced. You may go for meals that are available paper or cardboard packaging, that are extra simply recyclable. As an incredible side-effect additionally, you will eat more healthy and extra consciously.
  1. Use Bar Soaps and Shampoo: Many liquid soaps and shampoos are available plastic bottles. By switching to bar soaps and shampoo, you may assist to cut back the quantity of plastic waste produced. Additionally, you can too go for shampoo and cleaning soap bars packaged in paper or biodegradable supplies.
  1. Support Zero Waste Businesses: Supporting companies that prioritize lowering waste and utilizing sustainable supplies is one other strategy to scale back your plastic footprint. Look for companies providing eco-friendly and sustainable options to plastic merchandise. Additionally, you may analysis and help native companies the place sustainability and waste discount are prioritized of their operations.

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  1. Educate Yourself: One of crucial issues you are able to do to cut back plastic use is to teach your self in regards to the subject and turn out to be extra conscious of the plastic merchandise you employ in your every day life. Understanding the place plastic comes from and the affect it has on the atmosphere may help you make higher decisions. 

This brings us to the second and third “R”, reuse what you may and recycle accurately.

  1. Reuse What You Can: Another efficient strategy to scale back plastic waste is to reuse objects you have already got. This can embrace objects resembling containers, luggage, bottles and even furniture. Instead of shopping for new objects, you may choose to reuse what you have already got or be artistic and repurpose issues. Additionally, you may select to purchase objects designed to be reusable, resembling fabric napkins and towels as a substitute of paper merchandise. As a rule of thumb, all the time suppose twice earlier than you toss something away. 
  1. Recycle Correctly: Recycling is a crucial a part of lowering plastic waste, however it’s essential to do it accurately. Not all plastics will be recycled and lots of objects technically recyclable aren’t all the time accepted by native recycling applications. Make certain you perceive what can and can’t be recycled in your space and take the time to kind your waste correctly. You may analysis and take part in native recycling applications and initiatives to help correct recycling in your group.

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