The Impact of Chewing Gum On Your Health and Environment

The Impact of Chewing Gum On Your Health and Environment

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Chewing gum on health and environment Photo by Charles Wright on Unsplash

Chewing gum appears innocent, particularly since most individuals use it to masks the odor of an overwhelming lunch or take the sting off earlier than doing one thing disturbing. Unfortunately, chewing gum isn’t as innocent because it appears — not solely does it influence your well being, nevertheless it impacts the surroundings too.

How Gum Affects Your Health

One small piece of gum can do a variety of injury to your physique. Irritable bowel syndrome impacts 45 million people annually and two out of three folks affected are girls. People affected by IBS particularly must avoid gum, whether or not sugarless or not. This is as a result of sugar alcohols, performing as synthetic sweeteners, can have the identical results as laxatives and trigger digestive misery.

Along with worsening IBS, gum worsens indigestion signs. If you are feeling nauseated, or have an upset abdomen, you could attain for gum to ease your discomfort. Over time, you swallow small quantities of air that fill your stomach with fuel, resulting in bloating and making it really feel worse than earlier than. Besides abdomen points, gum impacts different areas of your physique, too.

Ruins Your Teeth

Like starchy and sugary meals, gum feeds oral bacteria that form plaque in your enamel, which dangers tooth decay. Sweeteners in gum can result in acid assaults on the enamel, much like while you eat sweet. The chewing movement can influence your enamel. If you’ve got dental work, gum can threat damaging it because the stickiness creates friction and pulls on fillings.

Gives You Headaches

Constantly shifting your jaw can improve the probabilities of getting a pressure headache. If you take care of migraines or frequent complications, chewing gum can set off them to come back on. Stressors and anxiousness already do their half in inflicting complications, so it’s greatest to steer clear of gum to keep away from the possibility of inducing a headache.

Causes Jaw Problems

Chewing gum too usually can improve the prevalence of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This is when jaw joints across the muscle mass expertise extreme ache while you transfer your jaw from its pure alignment. It will trigger ache when laughing, chewing and something that pertains to shifting your mouth.

Gum and the Environment 

As you go down a sidewalk, you’ll nearly certainly move a bit of outdated gum cemented to the bottom. This is as a result of gum is troublesome to interrupt down — in spite of everything, it’s made from artificial rubber and polyvinyl acetate. Synthetic rubber is used for automobile tires and polyvinyl acetate is used to make glue (doesn’t sound too tasty, does it?), so it is sensible it stays round for some time after you’re completed chewing it.

When you recycle gum, it does many positive things like conserving power, saving pure habits, cleansing oceans and extra. Gum is likely one of the most important sources of litter. Some chewing gum recycling initiatives are making an influence and turning gum waste into different issues like doorstoppers. If you proceed to chew gum, do it responsibly and see how one can get entangled with recycling it.

If you may’t kick your gum behavior, search for eco-friendly chewing gum manufacturers which might be biodegradable and have pure components. Search for vegan, plastic-free and gluten-free choices, then guarantee it makes use of elastic rubber with minimal components. You ought to take these precautions to maintain the streets clear and assist the surroundings. It’ll be useful to you, as effectively.

Reconsider Your Sticky Snack

Next time you consider popping a stick of gum in your mouth, bear in mind these items. It will have an effect on your well being and, if not chosen and discarded with consideration, it should hurt your physique and the planet. It is greatest to get rid of this behavior so that you and the surroundings don’t expertise antagonistic results.