This art at Hegra disappears into the sand

This art at Hegra disappears into the sand

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Take a second to behold a marvel destined to fade from sight—an ephemeral masterpiece unveiled amidst the boundless expanse of the Saudi desert, nestled inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra in AlUla. A paid of arms that fade again into the sand.

Dubbed “Hands from Sands” is by David Popa, commissioned as a beacon of the I Care marketing campaign. This initiative, orchestrated by the Royal Commission of AlUla, serves as a clarion name to champion the safeguarding and cherishment of Saudi Arabia’s cultural legacy.

AlUla hands from sand

Crafted from sustainable supplies, sand,”Hands from Sands” epitomizes the ethos of preservation, echoing the marketing campaign’s overarching mission to nurture and preserve the nation’s historic tapestry.

Once a bustling node alongside historical commerce routes, Hegra now stands as an open-air museum, boasting over 100 meticulously preserved tombs and venerable rock carvings.

In the grand canvas of Hegra, “Hands from Sands” emerges as a magnum opus, spanning over 100 meters—a symphony of earth and water, ephemeral in its essence. For Popa, the method transcends mere creation; it’s a communion with nature, a dance with the weather. Employing solely pure supplies, delicately blended with supply water, the artist imbues his creation with a vitality that defies its transience.

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