We Earthlings: Choose Peat-Free Garden Products

We Earthlings: Choose Peat-Free Garden Products

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Why would we warning you to decide on peat-free backyard merchandise? After all, peat moss is of course occurring; it’s a helpful modification for backyard soil and a standard ingredient in potting soil.

But sadly, the harvesting of peat has dangerous penalties for wetland ecosystems, which give wildlife habitat nurseries and migration stopovers. Wetlands additionally play a significant position in flood management and filtering water pollution. And as a result of wetlands take up and retailer carbon, they’re crucial for slowing local weather change. The peat harvesting course of requires draining the wetlands earlier than scraping the peat off of the soil. The course of releases carbon dioxide, a significant contributor to local weather change.

Don’t fear, there are different soil amendments which can be safer for the planet. And should you’re having hassle discovering potting soil with out peat, you possibly can mix up your own potting soil with out it!

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Choose peat-free garden products