Why is pee yellow mystery solved

Why is pee yellow mystery solved

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The enzyme that makes urine yellow has been lastly recognized. It has been identified for greater than 125 years {that a} compound referred to as urobilin is liable for urine’s yellow color. But it was unclear how precisely it’s created from the red-orange bilirubin.

“It’s outstanding that an on a regular basis organic phenomenon went unexplained for thus lengthy, and our workforce is worked up to have the ability to clarify it,” Brantley Hall, an assistant professor within the University of Maryland’s Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, stated in a information assertion.

This waste product from degraded pink blood cells can result in jaundice and neurological harm if an excessive amount of of it builds up within the physique.

The enzyme, bilirubin reductase, is made by intestine microbes and converts bilirubin into colourless urobilinogen, which breaks down additional into yellow urobilin.

“Gut microbes encode the enzyme bilirubin reductase that converts bilirubin right into a colorless byproduct referred to as urobilinogen,” Hall, the examine’s lead creator, stated. “Urobilinogen then spontaneously degrades right into a molecule referred to as urobilin, which is liable for the yellow coloration we’re all accustomed to.”

The examine authors stated that earlier than their analysis, scientists thought there have been a number of enzymes concerned, moderately than a single enzyme.