Yemen Jews in Israel sing a song for the Houthis in Yemen

Yemen Jews in Israel sing a song for the Houthis in Yemen

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Voices of Yemen, Yemen Jews from Israel sing a song for the Houthis.

Voices of Yemen, Yemen Jews from Israel sing a tune for the Houthis.

The Voices of Yemen in Israel, a gaggle of Yemenite Jews who sing Jewish liturgical songs from Yemen, have been challenged to put in writing a tune for the Houthis earlier than a current efficiency on the East West House in Jaffa. And on quick discover, they delivered:

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The lyrics repeat:

Houthis in Yemen I really feel sorrow and mercy for you

We need your songs

Not your rockets

Voices of Yemen was created in 2021 by Ravid Kahalani (Yemen Blues) in partnership with the Association of Culture led by Yigal Ben Shalom – whose primary focus is to protect the paranormal songs of the Jewish Tribes of Yemen.

The Voices of Yemen members wrote the Houthi tune in Yemeni Arabic and carried out it inside 2 hours. The clip options their first efficiency of the tune. The clip on the finish of the video was the gown rehearsal.

The Voice of Yemen are: Yair Tzabari: vocals, percussion, oud Aviad Yihye: vocals, percussion Ravid Kahalani: vocals, percussion Boaz Gadka: vocals, oil can, percussion We’d wish to thank the Houthis and the Yemenite Historical Foundation through Twitter for footage used on this movie. Production credit of this video go to Karin Kloosterman for the idea. Green Prophet and the East West House for the manufacturing credit score.

It’s in your court docket, Houthis.

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