10 Great Tips For Eco-Friendly Exercise

10 Great Tips For Eco-Friendly Exercise

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Do you want to make your exercise routine more environmentally friendly? It is completely possible today with all the recent innovations and initiatives in going “Green.”

Practically every aspect of your workout can become eco-friendly, and you can always take it a step further with your own ideas.

Start now with the following tips on how to improve your health and the environment with these eco-friendly tips.

1. Community gardens

Help your local community by joining a group to plant trees, shrubs, and flowers in public areas that will make your town more attractive to the eyes.

Despite its casual nature, planting can be a quite laborious activity that will get you plenty of exercise.

When you are finished, enjoy the satisfaction of making your favorite place more beautiful and natural at the same time.

2. Adopt a highway

Coordinate with friends and choose a road that you want to keep clean and preserve its natural beauty.

Cleaning up littered roads not only improves the appearance of a place but also prevents polluting waters and saves the lives of animals that could harmfully ingest dangerous materials or chemicals.

You can do this during a casual or brisk walk and know that you are helping the plants, animals, and aesthetics of your local area.

3. Stay close to home

Try to find a place within walking distance of your home that is suitable for exercising.

By doing so you cut out the costs and negative effects on the environment from driving, as well as the energy consumption to which you contribute at the gym.

If there is not a sufficient location within walking distance, maybe you can find a way to do your workout at home. It doesn’t take much moving around to stay fit or get in shape.

4. Get eco-friendly equipment

With all the “Green” initiatives of today, it’s fairly easy to find eco-friendly products of all kinds.

If you need an exercise mat, find one that is PVC-free to prevent exposure to its well-known toxins.

Buy bamboo blocks instead of the foam varieties and choose sand-filled exercise balls and weights.

There are plenty of resources for eco-friendly exercise equipment due to high demand and less costly production.

Locate stores specializing in environmentally sustainable products to continue your contribution to the environment.

5. Dress eco-friendly

Find environmentally friendly clothing to make your workout comfortable, breathable, and irritant-free.

New innovations in eco-friendly production have recently marketed workout clothing made from bamboo, organic cotton, and organic wool.

Look for the products that guarantee eco-friendly maturation of the crops or animals from which they come.

Some stores also specialize in fitness clothes made from recycled plastics, natural rubber, and hemp.

Be thorough in your search for eco-friendly workout clothes and find the perfect items for you and your workout.

6. Recycle your exercise gear

While keeping your workout routine fresh with new exercises and equipments, be sure to properly dispose of the older elements when you are finished with them.

Pass them on to friends or a gym buddy so they can try some of your workout favorites.

Recycle your exercise mats and clothing that you no longer want so they can be put to use again.

7. Go to the playground

Head out to your local park and shake up your workout on the playground.

The various equipment of a playground can make for physical activities that work many parts of the body.

Go early in the morning so it is available for your own private use and work your abs on the slides, cross the monkey bars, do some climbing, and most importantly, have fun.

8. Go eco-running

If jogging is your passion in fitness, help out the environment while you’re at it.

Jog in your local community and pick up litter as you go. Take with you a biodegradable bag and then dispose of it all properly at the end of your workout.

Stay fit and clean up the environment at the same time.

You will have twice the satisfaction when you return home. and mostly likely you’ll want to do it again the next day.


9. Do it for a cause

Join a marathon or bike tour that is supporting an environmental initiative. They are held around the country at most times of year, so find the one that suits you best.

You can enjoy your fitness for a cause with greater fulfillment when you see so many others who want the same thing.

10. Take your workout outside

The most environmentally friendly way to exercise is by getting active outdoors.

Save money and conserve energy by cutting out the treadmills and other cardio machines and energy consuming workout equipment.

Spending just a fraction of your time on a treadmill and investing the remainder outdoors can save a significant amount of energy.

Grab your reusable water bottle and head outside to stay fit among the wonders of nature.

If you’re ready to make a change in your fitness level and your environment, now is the time.

Start with a casual routine and make your community greener, or try adding an eco-friendly element to your jogging path.

Avoid consumption of unnecessary energy by getting outside and enjoying your workout in your community.

Make every part of your exercise routine eco-friendly.

Start today and have a greater boost of energy and a greater impact on the environment from your workout.