10 Reasons Why Cremation is Good for the Planet

10 Reasons Why Cremation is Good for the Planet

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If you’ve spent a lifetime sorting your recyclables, driving a motorcycle fairly than driving, and adopting quite a lot of different greener life-style selections, it is smart that you really want these values to observe you thru to the tip of your life. 

Weighing up the environmental impression of a funeral in opposition to your priorities and values is essential. A accountable funeral plan provider will have the ability to supply some recommendation in your choices if needed. 

There are some ways you may return to the earth, every with its advantages and disadvantages. To enable you to resolve, this publish will spotlight the the reason why cremation is sweet for the planet. 

1. No Damaging Caskets Have to be Used

The supplies utilized in burial caskets aren’t instantly damaging to the atmosphere however the usage of wooden, plastic, metals, materials, paints, and varnishes does have a unfavourable impression. These all create totally different environmental hazards of their manufacturing, transportation, and use.

With a cremation, there isn’t a want for such damaging vessels for the physique. A wide range of extra eco-friendly choices can be found. Choose wooden, bamboo or a casket constructed from a basket. Or alternate options like Capsula Mundi which turns a beloved one right into a tree.

2. Forget the Grave Vault 

Grave vaults, constructed from cement, are generally used as an alternative of or alongside the casket. Such locations, constructed underground, contribute to greenhouse fuel emissions by utilizing fossil fuel-powered equipment and concrete. 

Cremated remains take up little or no house, may be saved or buried in a biodegradable urn, and won’t hurt the atmosphere.   

3. No Embalming Fluids are Used

A physique may be embalmed earlier than the cremation course of, for those who need a viewing. If an individual is being buried within the conventional sense, many individuals will select embalming. 

Embalming helps protect the physique and allows a household to carry a viewing. The foremost chemical used on this preservation course of is formalin (formaldehyde blended in water). It is a extremely poisonous carcinogen and has been linked to quite a lot of well being issues, which implies nothing for the deceased however loads for the dwelling. It additionally has long-term toxicity which implies when an embalmed physique is put into the bottom the formalin can leach into the encompassing floor and contaminate the soil for generations. Jews don’t embalm: read about the practice here.

4. Eco-Friendly Cremation Containers

A big a part of the carbon footprint from cremation may be attributed to the merchandise used throughout the cremation, such because the cremation container and the urn. 

The default container for cremation is usually constructed from wooden however extra eco-friendly choices can be found. For instance, it might be constructed from cardboard or recycled materials that burn clear. Other choices which convey a better stage of dignity with a low carbon footprint embrace bamboo. This sort of container burns cleaner as a result of there aren’t any bonding chemical substances or plastics used. 

5. Human Remains are Reduced to Ash

When a physique is cremated it’s diminished to a really small quantity of ash and that’s it.  

6. Cremation Leaves No Trace

Burial takes up scarce and worthwhile land, whereas cremation leaves little hint. Burials usually have a ten% greater environmental impression in contrast with cremation. It is extra labor and resource-intensive. However, a big proportion of the emissions come from the upkeep of the gravesite and cemetery lawns through the years. 

7. No Need for a Burial

A traditional burial makes use of many assets and takes up an excessive amount of house. Cremation is considered higher for the atmosphere as a result of family members can take the particular person’s stays and scatter them someplace memorable. 

8. Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Urns

After a physique has been cremated, the ashes are generally introduced to the household in urns constructed from marble or metallic. These are designed to be saved at dwelling or positioned in a columbarium. 

An growing variety of households are selecting to scatter the ashes which implies such a everlasting container is just not required. An various to a everlasting urn may be constructed from recycled plastic or cardboard. We love urns constructed from pottery. 

9. Aquamation vs. Cremation

A brand new various to conventional cremation is a course of that makes use of alkaline hydrolysis. The course of is also called aquamation, bio cremation, or water decision. 

The physique is positioned in a particular chamber the place it’s subjected to water, warmth, stress, and potassium hydroxide. Within just a few hours, the physique is diminished to a white “ash” and as much as 30% extra ashes are retained. These ashes can then be buried or scattered. 

This course of makes use of much less vitality, produces much less carbon dioxide, and doesn’t emit dangerous emissions akin to mercury.  

10. The Cremation Industry is Starting to Reduce Its Carbon Emissions

The strategy of cremation does launch dangerous gases akin to dioxin and mercury. Also, the vitality wanted for one single cremation is equal to the ability a median particular person makes use of in a single month. 

However, technological improvements, akin to mercury filtering tools, are serving to the cremation business to scale back its carbon emissions and develop into a extra sustainable funeral resolution. 

Tips on Planning a More Eco-Friendly Funeral

If you need a extra sustainable funeral, you may additionally think about the next choices:

  • Dress the physique in biodegradable clothes akin to wool or cotton
  • Plant a tree in reminiscence of your beloved
  • Rather than newspaper print ads publish the funeral discover on-line
  • If you need a burial, think about a pure burial or a inexperienced burial
  • Print memorial playing cards constructed from recycled paper
  • For the wake or memorial, order regionally sourced meals
  • In lieu of flowers ask for donations to your favourite inexperienced charity or nature preservation organiztion

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