14 Smart Ways to Repurpose Food Packaging

14 Smart Ways to Repurpose Food Packaging

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Before you toss out an empty Froot Loops field, butter tub, or soda bottle into the recycling bin, take a second to find out if it has any potential for reuse first.

Pantry staples and take-out orders yield a number of disposables, however some are surprisingly versatile and nicely price placing apart for different duties.

To spark inspiration for repurposing meals packaging, we’re sharing greater than a dozen of our favourite concepts. They’re all tremendous easy and we’ll admit, a number of are undoubtedly for the birds (we imply that actually).

Bread Tags

Photo: Patti Roth
  • Reserve these sturdy plastic workhorses for scraping dried bits from dishes, sinks, oven doorways, sneakers, partitions, and different surfaces. Designate a spot for them (maybe a recycled butter tub) in order that they’re able to roll when wanted. We’ll wager your manicurist is delighted.
  • Fix a damaged flip-flop. Various on-line sources counsel utilizing a bread tag for a fast restore. The bread tag, positioned on the underside of the flip-flop, locks into place the piece that matches between your toes, stopping it from slipping out from the only real via the tear. If you’re a flip-flop fanatic, you’d be sensible to toss a number of bread tags into your seaside bag, purse, or automobile for pinch fixes. Read Instructables.com for instructions.

Onion Sacks

Photo: Patti Roth
  • Repurpose mesh baggage from onions, oranges, or lemons as type of a “Home Depot” for yard birds foraging for nesting supplies, which normally happens in spring. Zach Slavin of the National Audubon Society offered us with this wildlife-friendly concept. Load the online sacks with appropriate pure gadgets like twigs, stems, and pine needles. If you’d like, layer in little balls of mud, dried grasses, and pet hair. Pull among the plant bits via the openings or poke them in from the surface in order that they’re simpler for birds to pluck. Tie the bag to a tree department and maybe you’ll be rewarded with a front-row seat to a stay present as birds browse the choice.
  • Wad up items of leftover produce netting to clean dishes, garden furnishings, flooring, toys, and the rest that wants scrubbing.

Rubber Bands

Photo: Patti Roth
  • Stockpile rubber bands from bunched produce and take-out packaging. If you’re a daily at Whole Foods salad bars, we’re certain your provide of elastics is spectacular. Reach for one earlier than you try and twist off a good lid on pickles or spaghetti sauce. Stretching a rubber band across the perimeter of a jar lid makes it simpler to grip and open. No must trouble your muscle-bound buddy.

Aluminum Bowls

  • Aluminum take-out bowls are light-weight and excellent as moveable pet dishes for a street journey or afternoon on the park. We particularly like Chipotle’s oval burrito bowl lids.
  • We additionally use these aluminum ovals for DIY frosty canine treats. Toss in mashed banana, pet-safe peanut butter, kibble, or no matter wholesome edibles you’d like. Add water, freeze stable and serve to your well-deserving pooch. Safety observe: Use with supervision and take away the bowl when your furry buddy is completed to make sure he doesn’t gnaw on the aluminum.

Egg Cartons

  • Take benefit of built-in dividers for organizing gadgets like screws, beads, and Legos bricks. For different concepts, learn our characteristic, “6 Eggcellent Uses for Egg Cartons.”

Wine Corks

Photo: Danielle Bays for the HSUS
  • Danielle Bays of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) hundreds a bowl with clear corks and a little bit of kibble as a enjoyable foraging exercise for her cats, together with Morrissey, Monroe, and Meowgi. “Some will dig in with a paw, however they principally simply shove their heads via the corks like bobbing for apples,” Bays explains. A phrase of precaution, although, when utilizing nonedible recyclables as pet toys: Be certain to take action solely with supervision and take away the gadgets if you’re not watching to stop pets from nibbling or swallowing items. “You don’t need to give your pet something that may be a choking hazard, or that they could get tousled in, or that may be dangerous for them to ingest,” says Vicki Stevens of the HSUS. “When unsure, ask your veterinarian.”
  • If you’re artful, convert corks into gadgets like wine glass charms, jewellery, and bulletin boards. Ideas and directions are featured in our article, “Cheers: 8 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks.”

Milk Jugs, Water Bottles, Sour Cream Containers, and many others.

  • Enlist empties as momentary pots for beginning seeds or rooting vines. Be certain to clean out any residue and undoubtedly poke drainage holes on the backside, says Dave Whitinger, government director of the National Gardening Association (NGA). Bonus recycling tip: Use plastic utensils from take-out packaging as plant markers to your inexperienced infants, particularly for those who’re sharing them at a plant swap occasion. Information about rooting cuttings is on the NGA’s website.

Paper Boxes and Bags

Photo: Patti Roth
  • Cut cereal and cracker packing containers into clean canvases for children’ crayon masterpieces. Bonus environmental tip: Display the paintings on home windows. Incorporating decals and other visual elements on home windows helps stop birds from inadvertently flying into them.
  • Design reward tags utilizing squares, ovals, or free-form shapes sliced from empty meals packing containers. Embellish the tags as merely or as elaborately as you please. Rather than store-bought tags, DIY variations are frugal, eco-friendly, and refreshingly distinctive.

This article was initially revealed on January 13, 2017.