51 Eco-Friendly Innovations in the 51 Years Since Earth Day Began

51 Eco-Friendly Innovations in the 51 Years Since Earth Day Began

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The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 — 51 years in the past — and, goodness, how the world has modified since then. We’ve come a great distance because the days of burning our trash and pumping our gasoline guzzlers with leaded gasoline. In honor of these 51 years, listed below are 51 vital modifications and milestones because the first Earth Day.


The U.S. authorities has led a lot of the environmental cost, beginning with the implementation of the EPA (1) in July 1970. Later that yr, the Clean Air Act (2) focused air pollution, adopted by the Clean Water Act (3) in 1972 and the Endangered Species Act (4) in 1973.

Some lesser-known nationwide legal guidelines included the Safe Water Drinking Act (5) in 1974, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (6) in 1976, the Toxic Substances Control Act (7) in 1976, the National Energy Act (8) in 1978, and the Medical Waste Tracking Act (9) in 1988.

In some instances, states have led the cost. Oregon handed the first bottle bill (10) in 1971, Minnesota’s Clean Indoor Air Act (11) was the primary regulation to limit smoking in public locations (1975), and Massachusetts required low-flush bogs (12) for development and transforming in 1988.

Green Innovations: The Early Years

In order to adjust to all of the legal guidelines from the Seventies, we would have liked new know-how to make sure customers might adhere to the brand new requirements. Consider:

  • The “Crying Indian” PSA debuts in 1971 (13)
  • Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) will get banned in 1972 (14)
  • The energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb launches in 1973 (15)
  • Cars start displaying fuel economy labels within the mid-Seventies (16)
  • In 1975, all vehicles are manufactured with catalytic converters to limit exhaust emissions (17)
  • Chlorofluorocarbons are banned from aerosol cans beginning in 1978 (18)
  • The first curbside recycling program begins in New Jersey in 1980 (19)
  • In 1986, McDonald’s switches from foam to paper meals containers (20)
  • Mercury is faraway from latex paint in 1990, offering a viable various to banned lead paint (21)
  • Earth911 launches the primary U.S. recycling listing in 1991 (22)
  • Energy Star certification debuts in 1992 for home equipment and electronics (23)
  • The U.S. Green Building Council begins in 1993 (24)

The Political Movement

The Green Party (25) launched in 1984, which was only the start of inexperienced points coming into the mainstream. One Percent for the Planet (26) was based in 2002 to problem companies to donate to environmental causes, and the ISO 14001 customary (27) established environmental administration. Companies are actually going through stress to permit worker telecommuting (28).

Things actually developed after the discharge of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (29) in 2006. NBC debuted Green Week (30) in 2007. Carbon offsets (31) alleviated company inexperienced guilt. Bisphenol A (32) made us all query plastic purchases. Hybrid automobiles (33) generated tax credit and gasoline financial savings. Plastic bag bans gave rise to a reusable bag (34) craze. Fracking (35) and the Dakota Access Pipeline (36) have been two of essentially the most hotly contested news stories of the decade, no less than till the 2016 election.

Green Tech: The Next Wave

Smart house controller on tablet and happy family

In the previous 10 years, rising inexperienced tech has made eco-friendly a lifestyle, together with:

  • LED gentle bulbs (37)
  • Portable photo voltaic panels on backpacks and watches (38)
  • Plant-based plastics (39)
  • Motion sensor lighting (40)
  • Faucets with automated shut-off (41)
  • Low risky natural compound (VOC) paint (42)
  • Recycled plastic clothing (43)
  • Ride-sharing cell purposes (44)
  • Natural cleaning products (45)
  • Biodiesel engine automobiles (46)
  • Food waste composting (47)
  • Portable air purifiers (48)
  • Europe’s Green Deal launched world recyclables delivery laws to scale back air pollution in low-income nations (49)
  • Corporate debtors headed toward $500 billion in bond financings for the renewables transition (50)
  • President Biden rejoins the Paris Climate Accord on his first day in workplace. (51)

The previous 51 years have been enormous relating to saving the setting. Expect extra to return as prices and the cool issue enhance.

Originally revealed on April 18, 2018, this text was up to date in March 2021.

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