A Guide On How to Become a Sustainability Influencer

A Guide On How to Become a Sustainability Influencer

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Top influencers inspire people to think and take action about the subjects they are passionate about. People need to be proactive and adopt a sustainable, green lifestyle for the benefit of the environment. Through social media, you can get your message of sustainability to millions of people. Using a screen recorder would be quite useful to record videos and upload them to the internet.

Guide to becoming a sustainability influencer 

1. Find out your uniqueness

green travel vloggerYou have to stand out among the rest of the sustainability influencers on the net. When you offer something absolutely different and unique, you will attract many followers and it will be easy to increase your fan base.

Look at the established influencers’ content – some of them write about green travel, sustainable eating and lifestyle and more. Choose the niche in which you can offer your personal experiences and insight. Vlogging or blogging about something you love about will make you stand out.

Using a free screen recorder, record your videos and make sure that everything is perfect before you upload. 

2. Choose a relevant name

The name of your blog or instagram page or video channel has to reflect the niche you have chosen. It should be interesting and creative. Once you have decided on the name, register it as domain name. Get the hosting, and then start working on your website. 

3. Establish your presence online

online presenceSocial media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular platforms using which people put up their information with the help of online screen recorder. You should use different platforms to reach out to the maximum number of people. 

4. Collaborate with others

Collaborating with other influencers will help to grow your follower base. It’s fun too, as you might get in touch with influencers near you and take photos together, have mentions as well as shoutouts, Instagram takeovers and so on. There can be engagement groups (to like and comment on your posts, viewing each other’s stories etc).

There can be brand collaborations too. But before you collaborate with anyone, make sure that you follow them for some time. This will allow you to know them and approach them. You could comment and like their posts for starters. 

5. Create your media kit

vlogger at workOnce you have created a clear and consistent image across your platforms, with an impressive following, who are active on your accounts. You should try to inspire and motivate your followers to like the posts, leave lots of comments, take action on your CTAs and watch the stories.

Use tags, photos, tags that would help users discover your page.

Your media kit would help to show brands your perspective on the environment, the services you are offering and the advantages they would have from associating with you. It should include your brand description, pricing and more.

Here’s the press kit for you to get product information, icon, and screenshot.

BTW, be sure to inform your followers/readers if you are receiving some compensation for posting about the brands which are collaborate with you. People always appreciate influencers being open and transparent.

On the same note, if you do not have a signed legal agreement with any brand, but they send you their products, you don’t have any obligation to mention that brand. It is completely your choice to mention the brand or not. 

6. What sort of brands should you collaborate with?

The brands you endorse should be brands which practice sustainability. Their products must be good for the environment, people and wildlife. Brands which do not reflect your values will end up diluting your message, and you might end up losing followers. 

7. Engage with followers

Engagement with followersThe cool and aloof attitude is not helpful when you want to grow your fans. Users like if you provide authentic information (stay on top of the environment news!), and genuinely address their concerns. Responding to their queries will generate interest about you being a positive and approachable person, who cares about the environment as well as fans.

Ensure your posts are authentic and appealing, and photos should grab attention and be shareworthy. According to sociologists, an average person can influence around 10,000 people in a lifetime. So go ahead with confidence and start your journey of becoming a sustainability influencer, who can make a positive difference to the environment.

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