All You Need to Know About The Revolutionary Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps Disrupting Research & Industrial Applications

All You Need to Know About The Revolutionary Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps Disrupting Research & Industrial Applications

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Oil-free vacuum pumps make all of the distinction for analysis and industrial purposes, in addition to for the atmosphere. Stay up-to-date with the most recent trade information.

Intro: What is a vacuum pump and what’s it used for?


For starters, it is very important know that ‘vacuum’ expertise lies on the coronary heart of each analysis and growth, virtually each department of high-energy physics, particle acceleration, and floor science. This consists of the examine of particle physics, particle accelerators and nuclear fusion. Vacuum science has additionally been elementary to main scientific breakthroughs, such because the latest discovery and recording of gravitational waves. A vacuum scientific definition is “an area with a stress considerably decrease than the encircling atmospheric stress.” In an ideal situation, there is no such thing as a matter left within the space. In actuality, the stress is so low that any particles within the house don’t have an effect on any actions being carried on inside.

The highest degree of vacuum reachable on our planet is called Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV). All main advances in ion pump expertise have developed from Varian Vacuum (now Agilent Vacuum) from 1957 on with the sputter ion pump and the ConFlat Flange (CFF).


To perceive the benefits and downsides of oil-sealed vacuum pumps versus oil-free ones, it’s essential to grasp the way in which they work.
You may additionally discover oil-free vacuum pumps beneath the identify “dry pumps”. This comes from the truth that oil-free vacuum pumps function with out using oil as a sealant ingredient within the pump.

Agilent IDP pumps, for instance, use a fundamental dual-scroll mechanism to create a vacuum. They don’t use hydrocarbons as a vacuum-tight ingredient to create and preserve  vacuum within the dual-scroll system.

They have a beautiful approach of working with out using oil. A dual-scroll mechanism, consisting of two scrolls put one inside the opposite, serves as the inspiration. When one nested scroll spins and rotates inside the different, the fuel contained in the system is collected within the shifting areas and pushed alongside the scroll. The fuel is moved and compelled towards the centre hub, the place it’s finally exhausted. You can attain the required vacancy on your experimentusing this straightforward methodology.

Have a have a look at the visible for the method on the Agilent Dry Scroll Pumps web page.

An oil-sealed vane pump, however, employs a spinning cylinder with slots (or rotor) that home a collection of rotating vanes contained in the hole. Inside the casing bore, the rotor is misaligned. The vanes glide out and in because the rotor revolves, permitting gases to move previous the pump.

This is usually oil-sealed, which suggests the oil offers a robust seal and helps for a vacuum of as much as 0.5 mBar.

The sensible aspect: oil-free versus oil-sealed pumps

Oil-free pumps pack vital benefits. Contrary to grease pumps, they totally take away the possibility of hydrocarbons spilling, leaking, or penetrating the vacuum system, which is a typical and worsening downside with oil pumps. The lack of oil, furthermore, minimizes pollution within the air, water, and soil, reducing their already low carbon footprint.

But the benefits don’t cease there.

Maintenance-free and pollution-free: the distinction with oil vacuum pumps

The newest oil-free vacuum pumps have been particularly developed to beat a number of the each day challenges confronted with old-school, oil pumps. The most vital is oil alternative, which needs to be achieved each 6 to 12 months or anytime the oil begins to discolour. The oil should even be disposed of, which makes it worse: the price of disposing of the used oil could also be larger per litre than the value of buy of the clear oil.

Oil can also be the main reason for technical issues. Oil hunger or clogged lubrication passageways are widespread causes of rotary vane pump failure, inflicting the proprietor to hurry in costly restore calls with the intention to cut back unscheduled downtime.

To keep away from these points comparable to loud noise, oil leaks, and pump failures, the answer has been discovered to fully take away the oil. This enchancment permits researchers to overlook these main sources of annoyance, further prices, and misplaced productiveness.

How Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps Can Make An Amazing Difference with 5 Real Use Cases

Choosing an oil-free vacuum pump has instant benefits when it comes to work atmosphere, in addition to in money and time financial savings.

1.  Superior to pumps of the identical measurement

Despite the dearth of oil, the efficiency of those vacuum pumps is untouched. On the opposite, Dry IDP scroll pumps are capable of present an much more highly effective vacuum with excessive fuel stream and fast pumping charges. Dry Scroll Pumps (IDP) can pump down in a short time to low base pressures, rising the efficiency of the turbo pump and making certain the general stability and dependability of the system.

2.  Inside your lab it’ll be cleaner, outside greener

No oil means no leaks. Hydrocarbons pouring on the surface or infiltrating the vacuum system are fully prevented when utilizing oil-free IDP scroll pumps. Furthermore, the absence of oil reduces their already decrease environmental impression. Pollution within the air, water, and soil is considerably minimized with IDP scroll pumps.

A direct consequence of this side is that scroll pumps have a decrease whole value of possession as effectively. There isn’t any extra want for expensive oil topping, altering, and dangerous waste elimination.

Agilent has obtained the Business Intelligence Group’s 2018 Sustainability Leadership Award for its dedication to sustainability via producing high-quality merchandise and revolutionary product design.

3.  Gentle on the ears

The oil-free expertise allowed the hydrocarbon exhaust and oil mist filter to be omitted. There’s additionally no want for a Quiet Cover. Everyone within the lab can now take pleasure in their workday extra, because of the decreased noise and vibration.

This isn’t a fortuitous function: Agilent purposefully consulted noise specialists whereas designing their IDP scroll pump module to attain quiet operation.

Take a have a look at how the Agilent IDP scroll pumps carry out up versus widespread on a regular basis noises.

Noise dBA
Chainsaw; thunder clap 120
Car horn (1 m); reside rock music 110
Lawn mower; airplane take off (1 km) 100
Motorcycle (8 m away) 90
Freight prepare (25 m); meals blender 80
Cars on freeway; vacuum cleaner 70
Air conditioning (30 m); workplace noise 60
Agilent IDP-10 53
Agilent IDP-7 52
Conversation at residence; Agilent IDP-15 50
Library 40

4.  Like new in lower than quarter-hour

Technological innovation means a neater life for scientists and researchers as effectively. IDP scroll pumps, not like normal pumps, solely require a 15-minute seal restore simply through the use of two fundamental instruments. Even but, as a result of Agilent stable tip seals are meant to last as long as three years, this process might be achieved sparingly.

Agilent IDP scroll pumps, regardless of their easy building, can obtain a really low base stress of 10 mTorr.

5.  Pump set up and integration are easy all all over the world.

IDP pumps should not solely simple to make use of, they’re additionally simple to put in.  Oil-free pumps are low-maintenance, require no particular voltage, and might even be put in inside cupboard enclosures. Because of their small footprint, light-weight, and low energy consumption, they could be fitted into any system design.

For instance, the Agilent IDP-3 dry scroll pump is the smallest scroll pump for typical vacuum purposes and weighs solely 9.5 kg (21 lb).

Agilent’s IDP scroll pumps additionally use normal IEC energy cords that aren’t hard-wired to the motor, permitting them for use anyplace on the planet. You may additionally swap between excessive and low voltage operations with a easy swap.

Scroll pumps in the true world: the place to search out them


Vacuum is required in a spread of purposes, from nuclear fusion and house analysis to meals packaging and analytical instrumentation. Here are a number of the most uncommon vacuum purposes and the way they function with Agilent pumps:

Typical Scroll Pumps Applications embody mass spectrometry, pattern preparation, electron microscopy and freeze-drying.

  • No messy upkeep, no danger of contamination
  • Inlet isolation valve protects the vacuum system throughout energy outages
  • No silent cowl is required for operation.
  • Clean, oil-free vacuum passage
  • Protected bearings enable using mild solvents
  • There’s no want for tedious upkeep, and there’s no probability of contamination.
  • During energy outages, the turbo pump baked by the scroll pump (if any) is protected by an inlet isolation valve
  • The operation doesn’t necessitate using a quiet cowl
  • Vacuum passage that basically is oil-free and clear
  • Light solvents can be utilized because of the protected bearings
  • The quietest mannequin of operation
  • Long-term sturdiness
  • Scroll pumps minimized vibrations don’t have any impression on the instrument
  • An inlet isolation valve offers system security
  • Noise degree is saved to a naked minimal, making it best for laboratory use
  • Water vapour tolerance is excessive, and the bearings are shielded
  • Gas ballast is included to assist with water vapour dealing with

Moreover, glove field compatibility and helium recirculation enable a big number of scientific analysis and developments to depend on Agilent’s dry pumps at the moment.

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