Ants can perform life-saving amputations

Ants can perform life-saving amputations

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Florida carpenter ants Camponotus floridanus

Florida carpenter ants (Camponotus floridanus) chunk off injured nest mates’ limbs to save lots of them from lethal infections. It’s the primary instance of animals apart from people performing such life-saving amputations.

“The ant presents its injured leg and calmly sits there whereas one other ant gnaws it off,” explains animal ecologist and examine co-author Erik Frank. “As quickly because the leg drops off, the ant presents the newly amputated wound and the opposite ant finishes the job by cleansing it.”

Life levels and sorts of carpenter ants

That ants can amputate limbs to stave off an infection is a revelation many householders who take care of carpentry ants most likely aren’t thrilled and would somewhat hunt down pure options to maintain the ants away. We have a short guide here on natural solutions to keep ants out of your kitchen. Natural pest management at all times begins with eliminating the habitat and meals supply for critters like ants. As carpenter ants can get into foundations and destroy frames of house, sadly, non-natural options may have to be mixed with extra holistic strategies.