Best of Earth911 Podcast: 374Water CEO Kobe Nagar on Transforming Wastewater Into New Materials

Best of Earth911 Podcast: 374Water CEO Kobe Nagar on Transforming Wastewater Into New Materials

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Kobe Nagar, CEO of Durham, North Carolina-based 374Water, explains the corporate’s compact wastewater processing expertise, the Supercritical Water Oxidation (AirSCWO) system. Operating the system generates vitality, industrial CO2, nitrogen gases that can be utilized in manufacturing, distilled water, and minerals extracted from wastewater, making it extraordinarily inexpensive as an answer for a lot of water therapy makes use of. The smallest model suits in a transport container and may clear the wastewater generated by communities of as few as 6,000 folks — or the equal quantity of business waste. The AirSCWO system will be scaled as much as help 30,000 or 200,000 folks and all kinds of industrial applications, together with eliminating PFAS, the “without end chemical compounds” discovered all through the setting, water provides, and human our bodies. And water is simply step one for the corporate, Kobe shares. The oxidation course of can even convert plastics and different stable wastes into reusable raw materials.

Kobe Nagar, CEO of 374Water
Kobe Nagar, CEO of 374Water, is our visitor on Sustainability in Your Ear.

Water, together with air and land, is one among our most necessary sources. We want it to hydrate our our bodies, to make a lot of what we eat and use day-after-day, and we use it to hold away our waste. By treating wastewater, as an alternative of dumping it again into the setting, we protect this valuable useful resource so we are able to use it once more. You can study extra about 374Water, which is traded on the NASDAQ below the image SCWO, at

This podcast initially aired on September 7, 2022.