How to Properly Fertilize a Lawn? A Step-by-Step Guide

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Proper fertilization of the garden will guarantee even grass progress and scale back undesirable weeds or moss. By utilizing mini granulated, we will ensure that it won’t stay on the blades and get into the bottom.

Organic fertilizers, along with vitamins, present natural matter that may be very invaluable for the soil, which is later remodeled into humus, particularly on lawns established on sandy soils which might be poor in humus. They additionally contribute to enhancing the bodily properties of the soil. The most precious and straightforward to acquire is compost. It ought to be mature and freed from weed seeds. It is unfold in an excellent layer 0.5-1 cm thick in spring or at different occasions on a beforehand raked garden. The compost is nice to sift via a 1 cm mesh reef earlier than utility, which can facilitate spreading and even distribution.

Unhealthy lawns ought to be fertilized after the spring raking of the grass, earlier than the primary mowing. It is necessary that the garden is dry. On moist turf, mineral fertilizers keep on with the leaves, inflicting them to burn. The garden might be fertilized with a multi-nutrient fertilizer, or with slow-release fertilizers. Lawns which might be mowed and used intensively require very cautious and frequent fertilization.

Throughout the rising season, the grass takes up the macro- and micronutrients vital for all times from the soil. It is beneficial to make use of 2-4 kg of compound fertilizer per 100 m², and as much as 8 kg when mowing intensively. It is greatest to divide the dose of fertilizer into three components. The first dose is unfold in spring, the second in summer season (in June), and the final in early August.

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When fertilizing the garden with nitrogen fertilizers, keep in mind that the final dose of fertilizer is utilized in September at a price of not more than 1-2 kg per 100 m². Late utility of nitrogen fertilizers ends in extra luxuriant progress and extended vegetation, which consequently promotes autumn and winter infestation of grasses by ailments and pests and will contribute to poor wintering of the garden. There are multi-nutrient fertilizers in the marketplace, designed completely to be used on lawns, which ought to be utilized 4-5 occasions a season.

It is extra handy to make use of long-acting fertilizers, that are utilized as soon as a season. It can be doable to hold out the primary post-winter fertilization of the garden with a compound fertilizer, at a price of two kg per 100 m², and later each 4 weeks with ammonium nitrate at a price of 1-2 kg per 100 m². After fertilizing, the garden ought to be watered generously.

Loose fertilizers ought to be unfold with particular seeders, as they assure us an excellent and thorough sowing of the garden with out leaving empty areas. When sowing fertilizers by hand, divide the dose of fertilizer into two equal components after which sow them consecutively in two intersecting instructions.

When in search of the appropriate long-acting fertilizer, we have to take note of an necessary challenge – the scale of the granules that we unfold over the floor of the garden. This is essential as a result of the penetration of the fertilizer into the bottom and lowering the chance of remaining on the blades of grass and losing the product.

Substral “100 Days” Lawn is a long-acting minigranulate that’s rather more environment friendly than common granules. These tiny balls are uniform and small, so we’re positive that they dissolve sooner within the soil and supply nourishment to the grass – they don’t stay on the blades.

In addition, it’s a child- and pet-friendly – due to its penetration into the bottom, with out remaining on the grass, our child or pet won’t devour the granules. By emphasizing the absorption and vitamin of the soil, it ensures even fertilization over the whole space. There is not any threat of the lawnmower pulling within the fertilizer – the mini granules fall deeper, close to the floor of the bottom.

If extra issues seem on the garden, it’s value utilizing a fertilizer that removes the trigger and cares for the grass in depth:

  • Moss occurring in components of the garden is troublesome to take away – apply a preparation with iron as quickly as doable. Substral Lawn with Moss utilized in April, ideally at a temperature of 15 levels Celsius will additional inhibit the looks of moss germs. Wanting to stop the recurrence of moss, deal with the drainage of the substrate – it should not be too moist. Special footwear with spikes will enhance the permeability of the soil.
  • Wanting to strengthen the garden and make sure the proper density, it’s value utilizing a starter fertilizer, which can assist the expansion of the grass on the institution of the garden, and also will assist regeneration later. Substral “100 Days” Regenerator is a mini-fertilizer that’s environment friendly and long-acting. When sowing grass seeds, Substral “100 days” for sowing can even be preferrred, which accelerates progress and facilitates rooting of seeds.Article Submitted By Community Writer

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