Infographic: How To Become an Eco-Friendly Driver

Infographic: How To Become an Eco-Friendly Driver

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Transportation is liable for a whopping 27% of greenhouse gas emissions within the United States. That contains planes, trains, and buses, however a very good chunk of that comes from our private autos. 

If you drive a gas-powered automobile, the only option to cut back your transportation emissions is to drive much less typically. Great options for native transportation embody carpooling, public transit, and micro-mobility choices like electrical scooters and bikes. Even higher, bicycling and strolling aren’t simply environmentally pleasant, they’re good to your well being!

Hybrid and electric vehicles go a great distance towards lowering carbon emissions (if the energy source is clear and renewable). But even when your automotive has an internal combustion engine, there are many small eco-friendly steps you’ll be able to take. 

For instance, driving the velocity restrict (or slightly below it) helps. Also, secure practices when gassing up can cut back carbon emissions — topping off the fuel tank causes dangerous vapors to flee into the air. 

The following infographic from The Zebra provides suggestions that can assist you reduce your transportation carbon emissions — whether or not you’re commuting to work, working errands, or taking a protracted highway journey.

Infographic: How to become an eco-friendly driver
Source: The Zebra

Feature picture by Alexander Grishin from Pixabay. This article was initially revealed on February 3, 2020.