Keeping Your Family (and Santa) Safe: How the Holidays Can Increase Indoor Air Pollution

Keeping Your Family (and Santa) Safe: How the Holidays Can Increase Indoor Air Pollution

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Holidays can increase indoor air pollution Credit: undefined via iStock by Getty Images

Most individuals anticipate the vacations as a result of they’re durations of enjoyable and celebration. While it is best to look ahead to your plans this yr, you must also know the way the vacations can improve indoor air air pollution. So, we wished to debate how your loved ones’s well being and well-being might be affected this winter and what you are able to do to maintain them secure.

Winter Weather Keeps People Indoors

Cold climate is probably the most influential consider everybody’s lives throughout the winter. It results in extra vital indoor air air pollution as a result of everybody has to remain indoors to stay comfy.

Having extra individuals spending longer durations inside accumulates airborne viruses, which instantly influence your loved ones’s well being by causing seasonal flu symptoms reminiscent of:

  • Coughing
  • Runny or stuffy noses
  • Fevers
  • Headaches

You may at all times ventilate your own home by cracking a window open, but it surely might not be possible when you reside the place the temperatures plunge under freezing. If you may’t open a window on occasion, operating an air air purifier and taking each day nutritional vitamins may help hold everybody wholesome throughout the holidays.

Freezing Temperatures Increase Fireplace Use

There’s nothing fairly as stress-free as a heat, crackling fireplace. Enjoy utilizing your hearth this yr, however be cautious of the smoke exiting by the chimney. If any seeps into your own home, it might trigger your loved ones to breathe odorless volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and expertise lung irritation or complications.

Schedule a fast chimney inspection when you plan to make use of your hearth quickly. An skilled will open the flue to permit air flow and take away any clogged particles which may trigger a harmful backdraft.

Gatherings Encourage Candle Use

When everybody gathers round your kitchen desk for the vacations, you’ll seemingly have a beautiful centerpiece with a number of scented candles. Candles launch microscopic particles as they burn, which linger within the air.

Running an air air purifier close to your get together will scale back the chance of candles irritating your visitors’ lungs or nasal passages. You ought to think about using biodegradable, natural and/or non-toxic candles as these are rather a lot higher on your well being and your own home atmosphere.

Starting an indoor backyard of vegetation with varieties recognized to naturally remove air pollution by photosynthesis can also be fairly helpful. It could not seem to be a major enchancment on your family air high quality, however these are highly effective steps anybody can take this vacation season.

Pet Dander Accrues More Quickly  

Your pets are a part of the household, in order that they’re often indoors throughout the winter as a lot as you might be. Although the additional cuddle time is cute, your pets will shed dander all through your own home.

Pet dander is a typical allergy irritant and counts as a type of indoor air air pollution. Consider how a lot your pets shed to determine fight their dander. Brushing them typically, vacuuming regularly and altering your HVAC filters each few months will take away as a lot dander and free hair as potential so everybody can breathe simpler.

Cleaning Products Don’t Ventilate

You’ll seemingly need to clear your own home earlier than visitors arrive throughout the holidays. It creates a extra welcoming atmosphere if individuals arrive to seek out polished visitor rooms and bogs. Cleaning merchandise are important in cleansing your own home and banishing any lingering micro organism or viruses on shared surfaces. However, they will additionally trigger sneaky indoor air air pollution.

While wiping down lavatory counter tops and bathe surfaces, take note of when your lungs or throat begin to burn. Those signs imply your cleansing merchandise have gathered chemical compounds within the air and wish air flow. You won’t have the ability to open your home windows, however you may at all times activate the lavatory ceiling fan, which is designed to ventilate moisture.

You may also hold your loved ones even safer by choosing all-natural cleansing merchandise. There are many variations people easily make at home and use to wash simply as totally with out chemical compounds. Your indoor air shall be far more breathable with out sacrificing your own home’s cleanliness.

Air Fresheners Add Airborne Pollutants

People typically use air fresheners to provide their properties a pleasing aroma earlier than visitors arrive for vacation events or household gatherings. If you need to do the identical this yr, think about using an air freshener with out chemical compounds.

Air fresheners with chemical substances in sprays, wax melts or plug-ins launch these chemical compounds repeatedly till the product runs out. They could irritate somebody’s lung lining and make it arduous to breathe.

Organic or all-natural air fresheners are extensively obtainable to stop this downside. You may additionally be fascinated by making selfmade sprays with substances like important oils to keep away from any indoor air air pollution lingering in your own home.

Space Heaters Can Cause Carbon Monoxide

You could use house heaters to supply sufficient heat in your house for individuals to be comfy in each room. They’re more cost effective than changing your heating system or shifting to a more moderen home, however they will additionally create a harmful type of indoor air air pollution – carbon monoxide.

Check your house heaters to see how they work. If they use liquid gas like kerosene to function, they’ve an opportunity of making carbon monoxide when there’s no air flow. Electric heaters don’t pose the identical danger as a result of they don’t burn gas.

If it’s good to use an area heater, hold your loved ones secure by cracking a window open and watching for carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms reminiscent of:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath

These signs occur as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide prevents the physique from processing oxygen. You may also stop sickness or hospitalization by plugging carbon monoxide detectors into retailers subsequent to your house heaters.

Christmas Trees Trigger Asthma

Christmas wouldn’t be the identical with no tree filled with beautiful lights and ornaments. Even if your loved ones prefers to get one from a Christmas tree farm, in could be higher to get a synthetic tree at instances.

Authentic timber can carry mildew spores into your own home. The water bowl on the base of the tree may also turn into a mildew hub, which triggers bronchial asthma assaults or allergy signs. The scent of your Christmas tree may also irritate the nasal passageways and lungs of relations with bronchial asthma.

Find a synthetic tree of the identical selection your loved ones prefers and also you’ll remove a number of sources of indoor air air pollution this vacation season. You’ll additionally have the ability to use such a tree for years and years to come back.

Protect Your Family During the Holidays

The holidays are a particular time of yr, however they will additionally improve indoor air air pollution in quite a few methods. Watch for these potential issues to maintain your loved ones (and Santa) secure this winter. Everyone will get extra pleasure out of your vacation festivities and keep wholesome till it’s heat sufficient to go outdoors once more.