LPG Stoves vs. Electric Cookers: Cost and Energy Efficiency

LPG Stoves vs. Electric Cookers: Cost and Energy Efficiency

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If your day by day routine contains getting ready your individual wholesome meals, you’ve absolutely contemplated at one level which is extra vitality environment friendly for cooking — fuel or electrical? The debate between these two choices is all too acquainted, particularly for foodies and environmentalists. If you’ve requested your self the identical query, otherwise you’re contemplating upgrading your kitchen, discover out which of those two could be a more sensible choice for you.

energy efficiency comparison between gas and electric stoves

energy efficiency comparison between gas and electric stoves

What Is More Efficient for Cooking: Gas or Electric?

Both the LPG- (liquified petroleum fuel) and electric-powered stoves boast professionals and cons. Here’s a short comparability for his or her vitality effectivity:

Gas Stove

This kitchen equipment makes use of pure fuel, propane or different LPGs so as to create hearth for cooking. Now, a pure fuel range could burn cleaner, nonetheless it does produce methane in the course of the burning course of. LPGs are typically extra energy-efficient and burn hotter. 


Since a fuel range ignites immediately, it heats up quick, permitting you to attain the specified boiling or frying temperature in a shorter time.

Heat Control

With a fuel range, the flame serves as your temperature management throughout cooking. You can regulate the warmth immediately by turning the knob down. This responsive and versatile function reduces fuel consumption.

Heat Transfer Efficiency

When you activate a fuel range, a portion of the warmth is misplaced within the course of. Gas stoves typically have a thermal efficiency rate of above 55%, however most choices available in the market are solely 40%–50% environment friendly in transferring warmth.

Elements that may have an effect on the effectivity embody the burner design, pot materials, flame temperature and pot dimension. You can optimize warmth switch by utilizing pots and pans with flat bottoms.

Burner Cooldown

When you turn off the burner, the fuel stops burning immediately. This prompt off-or-on function helps save vitality.

Electric Stove

One motive folks select electrical stoves is as a result of they’re economical. It’s a bonus they’re additionally eco-friendly, selling food preparation sustainability, significantly when powered by renewable vitality sources (photo voltaic, wind, and many others.).


An elective range takes time to succeed in the precise temperature for cooking. Therefore, you’re prone to spend a couple of minutes extra heating or simmering up your dish earlier than it’s able to be served.

Heat Control

An electrical range boasts exact temperature setting and timing, permitting you to cook fish at exactly 145˚ Fahrenheit or hen at 165˚ F. Accurate heating is essential in killing food-borne micro organism and preserving the vitamins in meals so that you get to eat more healthy meals. 

Heat Transfer Efficiency

Electric-powered cooktops are vitality environment friendly as a result of they convert electrical energy immediately into warmth. The typical electrical flat prime or coil vary and induction are 74% and 90% energy efficient, respectively.

Burner Cooldown

Electric stoves want a couple of minutes to chill down, after you flip the knob off, which contributes to vitality waste.

The Results

So, which cooker has one of the best vitality effectivity? Electric cookers are higher at changing electrical energy to provide warmth, relatively than burning fuel. In addition, an electrical range doesn’t emit dangerous pollution into the air. If you’re trying to be extra sustainable, energy your home equipment from a renewable vitality supply.


Between the 2, electrical choices value extra initially. An entry-level induction range is priced more than $1,000, whereas you may get fuel cookers beginning at $400. However, you might be able to get reimbursed as much as $840 for an electrical induction underneath the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.

How in regards to the month-to-month bills? It prices about the identical, whether or not you run an electrical or fuel range. This is until you could have photo voltaic or different renewable vitality sources powering your private home. So, you could possibly both save or spend an additional $20 per yr with an induction range. The selection principally comes down to non-public choice, as what you pay month-to-month is prone to have little impact in your total price range.

Other Considerations

Some folks additionally take different components, in addition to vitality effectivity, under consideration. These components could embody:

Indoor air high quality

Gas stoves produce nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and different dangerous contaminants. This means, a fuel range pollutes the air you breathe inside your private home. Such air pollution can mess with allergy symptoms and degrade your total well being. Along with dust, mites and mildew, using a fuel range contributes to indoor allergens and negatively impacts indoor air high quality. 

This is why it’s necessary, particularly when you use a fuel range in your house, to air out your private home usually and guarantee you could have enough air stream in order to decrease the influence of such home equipment.


Nearly a quarter of carbon emissions from houses come from heating and cooling. This will increase along with your selection of fuel range as a result of, as talked about, it burns fuel thus spreading dangerous pollution all through your kitchen and residential.

Electric stoves are typically extra eco-friendly, particularly induction cooktops. They’re about three times more efficient at utilizing vitality than fuel. If you add a renewable vitality supply to energy your private home, you possibly can enhance on the environmental advantages much more. 

Electric Vs. Gas for Cooking

Between fuel and electrical stoves, the latter prices extra, however its security, eco-friendliness and vitality effectivity options make it value investing in. This doesn’t imply you possibly can’t use a fuel range, or you’ll want to run out and purchase an electrical one, however try to be conscious of the professionals and cons. Plus, when you’re upgrading to a sustainable dwelling and life-style, swap to an induction vary, because it’s probably the most energy-efficient electrical cooker.