Maven Moment: Garbage Night & What To Do About Garbage Bags

Maven Moment: Garbage Night & What To Do About Garbage Bags

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I vividly recall rubbish evening once I was just a little woman in Brooklyn. We needed to carry the heavy metallic “ash cans,” as Grandma referred to as them, out to the curb. She instructed me that “ash cans” comes from the times when coal was burned for warmth. After cleansing the coal ash from their furnace, individuals would depart it curbside for the sanitation to select up. Grandpa Sal was a rubbish man and he remembered standing in a truck nearly knee-deep in discarded ashes.

Of course, individuals threw out different rubbish along with ash. There was no recycling, in order that they’d put their rubbish in paper grocery baggage or wrap it in outdated newspapers earlier than they put it within the can. They didn’t have plastic rubbish baggage like we now have right this moment.

Those days of ash cans and paper rubbish baggage are long gone. I might be reluctant to make use of paper baggage for rubbish lately — even with Grandma’s trick of utilizing a milk carton for moist issues like tea baggage. I might fear concerning the scent and that the paper bag may rip or crumble if it rained.

So what does an individual do to responsibly get rid of family waste with out utilizing a number of plastic? I used to make use of plastic grocery baggage for rubbish. I didn’t really feel too responsible about throwing them out as a result of I used them a number of occasions earlier than I used them for rubbish. After carrying my groceries dwelling, I’d use the baggage for carrying soiled gardening footwear from the community garden, conditioning my hair, or lining the lunch tote I took to work. After utilizing the bag a number of occasions, I might use it for rubbish.

Now that New York has a ban on plastic bags, I want one other resolution. When I purchase one thing in a plastic bag, like a bag of potting soil, I exploit it as many occasions as I can earlier than utilizing it for rubbish. When I don’t have a used bag, I exploit a brand new rubbish bag made with post-consumer recycled plastic.

I strive to not generate an excessive amount of waste within the first place, however even with recycling and composting I nonetheless generate some. So, I reuse baggage as a lot as doable and maintain in search of greener options for disposing of my waste responsibly.