Maven Moment: Jars — a Safe Food Storage Solution

Maven Moment: Jars — a Safe Food Storage Solution

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Glass jars are nice for storing leftovers. But I don’t keep in mind my mom ever utilizing them that manner. She saved her leftovers in empty margarine and ricotta cheese containers. They have been free, the lids held tight, and he or she may toss them within the trash when she was carried out with them.

For years, I additionally reused plastic containers to retailer meals. I favored that they have been light-weight and I may recycle them once I not needed them. But my system had some drawbacks: Heating some plastics causes them to release harmful chemicals I don’t need in my meals. This may also occur if utilizing plastic to retailer acidic, greasy, or salty food.

So I started to consider reusing jars as an alternative of plastic containers for meals storage. Glass jars are secure for meals storage they usually’re recyclable.

But I’ve to confess that I used to be nervous about utilizing glass for transporting lunch to work. Jars appeared so fragile and heavy. And I used to be positive that you simply couldn’t use them for freezing meals as a result of glass would shatter within the icy temperatures, proper?

Turns out that I used to be incorrect! With a little analysis and experimentation, I discovered that I may freeze meals in glass jars. The trick is to depart about one-third of the jar empty to permit for enlargement and never shut the lid too tightly. Also, depart house between the jars within the freezer and thaw them slowly at room temperature. I wrap a dish towel round my jars to sluggish the thawing and to soak up condensation. Slow thawing signifies that I would like to permit for additional time when utilizing frozen meals in a meal.

I wish to freeze small parts of stews and soups to carry to work. I additionally freeze meals like tomato paste as a result of I can’t use an entire can without delay. By freezing it, I don’t have to fret about it going dangerous and losing meals. I additionally use jars to retailer the eggplant pickles that I make as a result of the vinegar may trigger a plastic container to leach chemical compounds into my pickles.

And as for transporting my lunch in jars, I didn’t discover it that tough as soon as I obtained used to it. It’s simple to wrap them in a fabric should you’re anxious about them breaking.

By reusing jars, I’ve a helpful, unhazardous, free, and recyclable food storage resolution. I feel they’re an exquisite merchandise to have in any sustainable family.