Maven Moment: Old Home Remedies for Minor Illnesses

Maven Moment: Old Home Remedies for Minor Illnesses

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During my childhood in Brooklyn, when somebody within the household acquired sick, we regularly relied on house treatments. We couldn’t afford to go to the physician for each chilly or upset tummy.

We did hold some fundamental medicines in the home. There was at all times aspirin (which we used for pains starting from menstrual cramps to complications to arthritis), vapor rub for congestion, a scorching water bottle for muscle aches, and the well-known blue bottle of Brioschi for indigestion.

But in any other case, for minor ills, Mom gave us house treatments produced from cheap substances we had round the home. For nausea, she gave us saltines and ginger ale. For a sore throat, it will be scorching tea with honey or a saltwater gargle. And a heat bowl of pastina (tiny, star-shaped pasta) with a bit butter was simply the ticket in case you had been congested and had a stuffy nostril.

Most of those treatments got here from Grandma Jennie, who raised 5 youngsters through the Depression and World War II years. It was laborious sufficient for Grandma and Grandpa to feed all of these youngsters and to maintain a roof over their heads. They didn’t have more money to pay for docs and medicines.

During that point, when Grandpa John acquired sick, he couldn’t afford to remain house from work. So when he had chilly or flu signs, Grandma used her “sweating it out” remedy. She would give him boiled wine to drink and ship him to mattress to “sweat it out” beneath a number of blankets. Grandma informed me that by morning he was “simply positive” and in a position to go to work. I feel it’s price a attempt, however perhaps I’d add spices like pepper and ginger to the wine or use a mulled wine.

The house treatment that Grandma was most well-known for was her hot water and lemon cure-all. It appeared to be good for every thing from an upset abdomen to complications, stuffy noses, and sore throats. It was even useful in case you wished to shed some pounds! Even as we speak, scorching water with lemon is one in all my Aunt Catherine’s favourite house treatments. Lemon has loads of health benefits and water is one of the best beverage to maintain you hydrated.

I nonetheless want to make use of old style natural cures fairly than store-bought medicine for minor diseases. There are at all times cans of ginger ale and saltines in my kitchen in addition to lemon and salt. I feel that a part of the rationale that these cures work is that they’re comforting. The easy house treatments that our moms and grandmothers gave us make us really feel reassured and liked. I think that alone goes a good distance towards making us really feel higher.