Maven Moment: Taking Down the Holiday Decorations

Maven Moment: Taking Down the Holiday Decorations

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Taking down the vacation decorations was a chore that my mother all the time dreaded. It was a lot work to climb on the stool to take down the lights from the home windows and the garland from the highest of the mantlepiece. She additionally needed to take away the entire fragile glass ornaments from the tree and rewrap them individually for storage. And then the substitute tree needed to be taken aside. She tackled all of those duties in a single January afternoon with the TV on for firm. By night, the vacation objects had been saved and her home was again so as once more.

While there’s something satisfying about finishing this job in a single afternoon, I take a distinct strategy.

I don’t begin out with fairly as many holiday decorations as Mom did. Just a few little treasures and pure consumable or compostable objects make up most of my vacation décor. I usually disassemble my little preparations of pictures and playing cards over the course of some days after the vacations. On the opposite hand, I hold my fig tree adorned with little crimson cardinals for many of January — as a result of I simply like it.

And these ornaments that I by no means took out of the field this yr? I may donate them so another person can get pleasure from them. Or perhaps upcycle them into one thing new.

When I bought out my vacation objects this yr, I observed that they had been dusty and making me sneeze. So after I take down my decorations, I’ll give all of them a cleansing earlier than I put them in a brand new field and wrap fragile objects in recent newspaper. I don’t want plastic bubble wrap or hard-to-recycle foam; newspaper protects my delicate decorations simply fantastic.

Then all that continues to be is to recycle the previous cardboard field and paper.

So, with little or no stress, I’ll have completed taking down the decorations and will likely be prepared for my recent sustainable begin within the new yr. Happy New Year!