Rapidly Reducing Methane Emissions to Halt Climate Change

Rapidly Reducing Methane Emissions to Halt Climate Change

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As concern in regards to the local weather disaster will increase, we often hear in regards to the urgency of lowering our carbon emissions. The time period “carbon footprint” has even change into mainstream as we try to measure our private affect. Lately, some consumer scientists are giving details about the urgency of lowering methane emissions as nicely.

The Global Methane Assessment, a examine backed by the United Nations, states that slicing methane emissions by 45% this decade would hold warming under the threshold agreed upon by world leaders. Such methane emission reductions would end in a fast decline in warming, which might assist stop a few of the gravest local weather tipping factors. Also, such emission reductions would promote air high quality, saving tons of of hundreds of lives. This information doesn’t negate the significance of lowering carbon emissions however is one other technique in curbing the worst impacts.

Because methane emissions haven’t been on lots of our radars, let’s discover this matter in better element and the way we will take actions in our personal lives to reverse the local weather disaster.

According to Inger Andersen, government director of UN Environment Programme, “Cutting methane is the strongest lever we now have to sluggish local weather change over the following 25 years and enhances vital efforts to scale back carbon dioxide. The advantages to society, economies, and the setting are quite a few and much outweigh the fee. We want worldwide cooperation to urgently scale back methane emissions as a lot as potential this decade.”

What is methane?

Odorless and colorless, methane is a greenhouse fuel that’s 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping warmth within the environment. Over the final 200 years, methane concentrations within the environment have greater than doubled primarily due to human exercise.

Typically, methane remains in the atmosphere for about 9 years. This is way much less time than carbon emissions, which stay within the environment for 300 to 1,000 years. Yet, methane is way extra environment friendly at trapping warmth within the environment than carbon dioxide.

What are some sources of methane?

Globally, human exercise causes 50% to 65% of total methane emissions immediately or not directly. Like carbon dioxide, there are quite a few sources of methane emissions. Some of the main sources embrace agriculture, vitality, waste administration, and land use.

How can we scale back methane emissions?

Corporations in particular industries should take lots of the actions that will assist scale back methane emissions. As people, we now have many alternatives to assist by lowering the quantity of waste we ship to landfills and lowering our reliance on fossil fuels.


Various agricultural practices are chargeable for roughly 40% of human-caused methane emissions. According to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), “Reduction methods embrace stopping the burning of fields after harvests, adjusting feed for livestock in order that they release less methane, and often draining rice paddies.”

As a lot as potential, assist farms which are utilizing greener practices, corresponding to regenerative agriculture practices, to sluggish the local weather disaster. Some farms are even utilizing biodigesters that generate vitality and scale back methane emissions.


The vitality sector is chargeable for 35% of human-caused methane emissions, because of our use of fossil fuels. This sector has the best potential to scale back its emissions considerably. According to the CFR, “Almost all measures might be applied at low prices. These embrace enhancing the detection and restore of methane leaks at oil and fuel amenities and flooding deserted coal mines that leak the fuel.”

Reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and switching over to renewable vitality may also help scale back methane emissions. You may also help by installing solar panels on your house or joining a community solar farm.


The waste administration business is chargeable for 20% of human-caused methane emissions, with landfills as a big supply. “Mitigation methods embrace lowering waste that leads to landfills, corresponding to by recycling and composting; capturing methane gas; and burning methane fuel, which is called flaring,” based on the CFR.

Composting as a lot of our natural waste from the yard and kitchen as potential helps scale back our methane emissions. To get began with composting, read our guide and study three easy DIY compost bin designs. If you’ve been scared away from composting attributable to odor points, study how to prevent this issue. Also, keep away from placing recyclable supplies within the rubbish by recycling and upcycling. Purchasing used objects and donating gently used objects is one other helpful technique to lowering waste in landfills.

Many of the methods that scale back methane emissions require modifications by firms, however we vote with our greenbacks at any time when we buy groceries. And whereas it may be troublesome to discern which corporations are the greenest from studying a product’s bundle, shopping for from Certified B Corporations is a superb solution to assist the most effective of the most effective. These corporations meet rigorous environmental and social standards and are leaders within the sustainable enterprise subject.

Although the latest emphasis on methane emissions could seem daunting, it truly presents a transparent path to right away lowering the local weather disaster. If we use this data to create constructive change, it could actually information us in growing options.