Recycle Household Items Using These 10 Creative Ideas

Recycle Household Items Using These 10 Creative Ideas

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Over recent years many of us have been looking to get thrifty with our money. One way many of us have been doing this is by recycling a range of household items and appliances and therefore giving them a new lease of life.

We are keen advocates of the repair rather than replace culture, and where others may see rubbish, we see inventive, quirky and unique household items which will brighten up your home and garden.

To help you on your quest of recycling items within your home, we’ve compiled the following list of 10 creative ways to recycle household items.

1. Vinyl / Vinyl Covers:

Although vinyl is coming back into “fashion”, for those who no longer have a vinyl player but plenty of EPs in the house why not turn your once beloved music into household items and art?

Your favourite vinyl and vinyl cover can be turned into great wall art by being placed into a picture frame; whilst EPs can be turned into a range of household items from bowls and cake stands, through to ashtrays and fruit bowls – and online you’ll find a range of “how to” guides helping you turn your unwanted vinyl into household items.

2. Bathroom Goods to Gardening Tools:

Completely replacing a bathroom can be an expensive task, and that is before you have considered how to get rid of the old bath, toilet and sink. Many of us will no doubt consider taking such items to the landfill, but this isn’t very eco-friendly – especially when you consider the uses such items can have in your garden!

As keen gardeners are likely to be aware, mint although easy to grow (and great in salads), can run wild if it is not contained when planted.

For small amounts of mint, tips include planting it inside a washing up bowl in the ground. However, if you’re growing a large amount, or planning on having a herb garden, why not utilise the old bathtub, as a quirky planter?

A thorough clean of the toilet can also see this turned into a planter for the garden.

3. A Light bulb Vase:

light bulb vase

If the element has gone in your light bulb, it doesn’t mean that the light bulb needs to be thrown away.

In-fact, once it has served its use of providing light around the home, a light bulb can be turned into a number of things, including a vase for when you only have a few flowers for the home.

A quick search of the internet and you’ll be able to find a number of tips on the best way to transform a light bulb into a vase – although it may be difficult with the energy saving light bulbs, we are sure it would still be possible.

In all instances great care should be taken when working with class, even carrying out a task such as turning light bulbs into a vase.

4. Spare Wood:

The list is endless for what you can use old bits of wood for. If you’ve got enough spare wood, why not build a compost bin for all your garden waste and peelings?

Don’t have enough wood for a compost bin but still have a fair amount? Consider making a herb bed, to keep your herbs separate from your flowers.

Spare wood can also be used to fix any gap you may have in your fence or shed.

5. Unwanted Furniture to Shabby Chic:

Shabby chic furniture never seems to go out of fashion and it is easy to give your currently unwanted dining room table and chairs a new lease of life; by turning them into shabby chic furniture.

All that is required is a rigorous sanding to remove any existing paint / varnish, before adding a light coat of new paint.

Before the paint dries, run a dry cloth or clean paintbrush over the item, removing any excess paint, helping to add to the shabby chic feel.

6. Scare the Birds Away:

Are you trying to grow your own fruit and vegetables in the garden? Having trouble keeping the birds at bay?

Whilst scarecrows can prove effective, another well known tip is to recycle old CDs by placing them on bamboo sticks and planting them around the designated area. The reflections bouncing off them will prevent birds from coming onto your allotment.

7. Cutlery Coat Pegs:

If you’ve gone to set the table for a dinner party, but have been left embarrassed by the state of your cutlery, don’t throw it away, recycle it into coat pegs.

8. Coffee Jars to:

recycled coffee jars

As with old bits of wood, empty instant coffee jars have a multitude of uses; from containers to store nails, screws, washers and other small DIY items, to containers to soak used paintbrushes in or wasp traps, so you can enjoy lunch out in the garden without being stung.

9. Bottles to Candles Holders:

There’s a good chance you’ve been to a restaurant where they’ve used old wine bottles as candle holders; and if it works for a restaurant, it will work in your home.

You don’t just have to use wine bottle, funky cider / beer bottles also work well, and if you don’t light the candles they can also form nice ornaments.

10. Tree Trunks to Garden Furniture:

OK, hands up this one isn’t the easiest, but it is a good recycling tip. If you’ve cut down a large tree in your garden, and you’re struggling to get rid of the trunk, sculpt it into a garden bench. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it’ll be unique for your garden.

If you’re not confident in your carpentry skills, but have young children, cut the trunk into smaller chunks to create “stepping stones” for them to play on.