Technology Could Help the UK Oil Industry Move to Geothermal Energy

Technology Could Help the UK Oil Industry Move to Geothermal Energy

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With vital reductions n carbon emissions wanted over the following decade to allow the UK to satisfy its commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, the federal government have already introduced a number of initiatives to chop using fossil fuels and cut back our carbon output.

Oil firms such as BP are already making moves into geothermal energy manufacturing. With the assistance of know-how techniques, oil firms might cut back their dependence on fossil fuels, lower world carbon emissions and maximise income for generations to come back.

What is geothermal vitality?

Geothermal Power PlantGeothermal vitality is powered by warmth and steam from deep throughout the earth’s crust. To utilise the facility of geothermal vitality, wells are dug to a couple of mile deep to entry scorching water and steam from underground reservoirs.

This steam then powers generators which can be related to turbines to create vitality which might be despatched to the grid. There are three sorts of geothermal vitality, dry steam, flash and binary. 

Is geothermal vitality a renewable supply?

Due to steam regeneration within the earth’s crust, geothermal vitality has been categorised as a renewable energy source by the British Geological Society. It is a carbon-free supply of vitality too, that means it doesn’t emit the identical ranges of carbon as conventional fossil fuels, making it supply of vitality for decreasing emission totals. 

Where can geothermal vitality be produced within the UK?

Currently, there is just one geothermal plant within the UK at Southampton, the place an 1800-metre borehole descends into the aquifer beneath Wessex. However, there are potential websites throughout the UK within the Lake District and particularly in Cornwall close to Redruth and the Eden Project.

In addition, Newcastle metropolis council are at present exploring plans to drill two kilometres under the floor of town to harness geothermal vitality for north-east England. 

Are there air pollution considerations round geothermal vitality?

geothermal energy a renewable sourceWhile geothermal vitality is classed as “carbon-free” vitality supply, it does nonetheless emit small quantities of carbon. Additionally, it additionally emits low ranges of methane and vital ranges of hydrogen sulphide.

Even although it has renewable standing, geothermal vitality might nonetheless hurt the planet, and it’s important for vitality firms to mitigatethe air pollution from vegetation. 

What tech is there accessible to assist geothermal vitality?

Luckily, there are intelligent improvements to scale back the air pollution output of various vitality vegetation, together with geothermal vegetation. Companies equivalent to ERG Air Pollution Control create advanced systems that dampen and disperse harmful pollutants.

Many firms are looking for to assist their geothermal manufacturing with superior applied sciences like these. 

Why ought to oil firms transfer to geothermal vitality?

As a part of an total transfer to renewable vitality sources, and because the UK tries to maneuver away from its dependency on fossil fuels, oil firms ought to diversify their vitality choices to guard their future and maximise income.

Geothermal vitality, when harvested effectively with minimal hurt to the setting, might complement a renewable vitality technique properly for any oil firm.

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