We Earthlings: Do You Use Too Much Toilet Paper?

We Earthlings: Do You Use Too Much Toilet Paper?

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As the brand new coronavirus first swept the United States in 2020, many Americans stockpiled toilet paper, amongst different issues. Those who didn’t fill up discovered empty cabinets after they went to the shop to purchase a brand new bundle. Although panic buying isn’t an unusual response to a disaster just like the pandemic, the stockpiling of bathroom paper raised the difficulty of how a lot of it we devour within the U.S.

Did you already know that the common American makes use of 141 rolls of bathroom paper a yr? If a household of 4 decreased their use of bathroom paper by half, they might save $332 yearly. Are you utilizing extra TP than you want to?

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The average American uses 141 rolls of toilet paper a year.

This publish was initially printed on March 24, 2020.