We Earthlings: Know Your CO2 Flightprint

We Earthlings: Know Your CO2 Flightprint

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We Earthlings posters are able to share and inform your folks. To make modifications, we have to empower individuals with info to make higher choices.

This week’s poster explains the CO2 “flightprint” of a flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., on a Boeing 737-400. Click the picture for a high-resolution poster to share.

kKow your flightprint: Flying on a Boeing 737-400 from LAX to Washington generates 943 lbs. of CO2.

How did we arrive at this quantity? According to CarbonIndependent.org, a Boeing 737-400 passenger generates 115 grams per kilometer flown. That is, every passenger is producing 943 kilos of CO2 in the course of the 3,719-kilometer (2,311-mile) trip from LA to D.C. That represents about the identical CO2 produced to provide food, energy, and everything else the average U.S. household wants for 3 weeks.

When you might be contemplating journey, select the journeys that matter and use options, similar to teleconferencing, to skip pointless journeys.

This article was initially revealed on September 3, 2019.