We Earthlings: Laundry Tips To Reduce Microplastic Pollution

We Earthlings: Laundry Tips To Reduce Microplastic Pollution

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Did you realize that by decreasing the temperature of a load of laundry from sizzling to chilly and shortening the wash cycle by about 60%, you’ll scale back the amount of plastic microfiber air pollution generated by 52% and chemical dyes launched by 74%? The microfibers come from our artificial clothes (particularly fleece) and are a rising supply of microplastic pollution.

These findings had been the results of analysis by a group on the University of Leeds, working with Procter & Gamble researchers. The researchers additionally discovered that switching from lengthy, sizzling wash cycles to chill, brief cycles lowers power used per load by 66%.

Data supply: Improved garment longevity and reduced microfibre release are important sustainability benefits of laundering in colder and quicker washing machine cycles, ScienceDirect

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Laundry tips to reduce plastic pollution

This poster was initially printed on June 30, 2020.