We Earthlings: Plant One Tree

We Earthlings: Plant One Tree

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Plant one tree and it’ll seize about 13 kilos of CO2 in its first 12 months; when it matures, it would seize 48 pounds a year. That means by planting one younger tree, you may offset the CO2 from delivery a median on-line buying order. Or, should you plant 390 bushes and allow them to mature, you may offset the 8.5-ton carbon footprint of the most sustainably living Americans.

If you think about the 27 tons of carbon emissions per person attributed to everybody within the United States, together with all U.S. industrial emissions, it will take 1,238 bushes to offset every American’s annual carbon footprint.

You may also help plant bushes throughout the U.S., beginning at $1.00 per tree. Visit OneTreePlanted.org to pick out the area you need to replant, and get began together with your private carbon restoration challenge.

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Plant one tree to offset 48 pounds of CO2 per year.

This poster was initially printed on August 4, 2020.

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