We Earthlings: Plastic Tea Bags

We Earthlings: Plastic Tea Bags

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If you’d like to cut back your publicity to microplastics, select your tea model properly. While most manufacturers use paper tea luggage, some have switched to luggage manufactured from nice plastic mesh. Unlike paper tea luggage, the plastic model can’t be composted. And when boiling water is poured over them to make tea, these luggage can launch billions of microplastics and nanoparticles into the tea. Ironically, the manufacturers utilizing plastic tea luggage are thought of “premium” brands.

Skip the microplastics in your tea and the non-compostable tea luggage. Instead, select a model that makes use of paper tea luggage and demonstrates it’s making efforts to supply a more sustainable product.

Source: How To Reduce Your Exposure to Microplastics

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Earthlings: Microplastics in Synthetic Tea Bags