We Earthlings: Substitute Chicken for Beef

We Earthlings: Substitute Chicken for Beef

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A 2019 research on the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine discovered that straightforward substitutions of elements in a dish can considerably cut back the greenhouse gasoline (GHG) footprint of a meal. In specific, substituting hen for beef in a dish can cut back the GHG affect of your lunch by a median of 54%.

So, subsequent time you’re making a meat dish, substitute hen for beef and cut back your meal’s GHG footprint. One easy change makes a distinction.

Source: Diet and Planetary Health: Single-Item Substitutions Significantly Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Self-Selected Diets Reported in NHANES (OR20-08-19)

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Substitute chicken for beef to reduce your carbon footprint

This poster was initially printed on July 7, 2020.