We Earthlings: Upgrade Your Toilet

We Earthlings: Upgrade Your Toilet

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The common home within the United States is 37 years old, and half of U.S. houses are greater than 50 years previous. That means most bathrooms had been put in earlier than 1992, when the Environmental Protection Agency mandated using ultra-low-flush bathrooms. Those previous bathrooms use 18.8 gallons per flush, 17.2 gallons greater than new bathrooms. Want to decrease your water payments and waste much less clear water? Upgrade your bathroom!

Check out Earth911’s information to buying an efficient toilet.

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Pre-1992 toilets use 18.8 gallons per flush, 17.2 gallons more than new toilets. Want to reduce your water bills? Upgrade your toilet!

This poster was initially revealed on August 11, 2020.