Your Guide to Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Feminine Hygiene Products

Your Guide to Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Feminine Hygiene Products

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Shoppers usually concentrate on the worth and look of routine purchases like female hygiene merchandise. You might already belief one or two manufacturers to handle your month-to-month wants, however do their merchandise align along with your sustainable values? These are a number of components to think about when purchasing for eco-friendly, non-toxic female hygiene merchandise.

feminine hygiene products

feminine hygiene products

Look for Sustainable Product Factors

Thanks to the recognition of greenwashing, anybody could make the packaging on their merchandise look eco-friendly. However, not all merchandise are good for the planet. These components point out your required merchandise really help your sustainable way of life:

1. It Contains Natural Materials

People generally favor tampons with plastic applicators in comparison with cardboard options. Unfortunately, the plastic may launch microplastics into cotton tampons or pads, which trigger gastrointestinal issues by crossing cell membranes after getting into the bloodstream. Plastic additionally struggles to decompose in landfills, so it in the end pollutes the surroundings after every single-use product lands in your trash can.

2. It Doesn’t Include Toxins

Although your OB-GYN can catch precancerous growths throughout your routine pap smears, it’s essential to be proactive about reproductive well being points in different methods. Cotton fields endure pesticide and fertilizer therapies earlier than getting further chemical washes throughout tampon and pad manufacturing. The course of sanitizes the merchandise, but additionally introduces new chemical substances into the combo.

A latest examine discovered higher levels of mercury in people who used tampons in comparison with those that solely used pads. The American Chemical Society additionally not too long ago reported the existence of forever chemicals referred to as PFAS in female hygiene merchandise. Toxin-free or natural labels are simple methods to keep away from buying these merchandise that would hurt your well being earlier than they launch chemical substances into the surroundings in landfills.

3. It Uses Eco-Friendly Packaging

Many manufacturers now use post-consumer waste packaging with recycled supplies. They additionally engineer biodegradable envelopes and packing containers with supplies like corn starch. This data needs to be available on every female hygiene firm’s web site, however you may at all times name their customer support line, in case you can’t discover the small print independently.

eco-friendly, non-toxic feminine hygiene products

eco-friendly, non-toxic feminine hygiene products

Compare Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Feminine Hygiene Products

Once you recognize what to search for in your month-to-month menstrual provides, it’s time to match your choices. These are the most well-liked eco-friendly, non-toxic female hygiene merchandise you should use within the coming weeks.

1. Washable Period Panties

You possible already wash your sweaters in chilly water and use a gentle cycle for satin pillowcases. Use the identical intentions to scrub interval panties in a separate load. Companies make them with moisture-wicking cloth that controls dampness and scent.

You’d solely want to vary into a brand new pair each 12 hours throughout heavier menstrual days. It could also be a positive compromise, in case you’re able to cease utilizing single-use applicators and toxin-filled cotton merchandise.

2. Reusable Pads

You can discover reusable menstrual pads in shops or make them at house. Regardless of your desire, such a product might be the very best answer to your female hygiene wants. Reusable pads needs to be washed in a separate cycle they usually’ll be able to go everytime you want them. You may even choose cloth from eco-friendly manufacturers to make your pads extra sustainable.

3. Toxin-Free Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are one other different to single-use pads and tampons. You can wash and reuse them as usually as indicated on the packaging. Brands that excel in biodegradable merchandise even make the cups with natural rubber to keep away from additional chemical substances, despite the fact that standard chemicals pass safety inspections when examined for well being results.

4. All-Natural Tampons and Pads

Organic pads and tampons use all-natural cotton and biodegradable therapies throughout manufacturing. You gained’t encounter the identical leftover chemical substances that endanger the surroundings after every product’s use. This choice could also be extra expensive than conventional tampons and pads, but it surely’s a extra sustainable model for individuals who favor typical female hygiene merchandise.

Consider Upgrading Your Feminine Hygiene Products

The month-to-month provides you utilize to satisfy your female hygiene wants ought to meet your sustainable way of life requirements. Look for these components to find out whether or not you have to change your most well-liked manufacturers. Depending in your pursuits, you may as well strive new product varieties to make your routine much more eco-friendly.